8 Best Tips for Choosing a New Business Location in the UAE for 2023

By all measures, the UAE is a world-class destination – not just for visitors and tourists, but also for businesses. The UAE’s geographic position in the Middle East is strategic for being able to interact with customers and clients from the East and the West alike. But that’s just the start. The UAE boasts a state-of-the-art infrastructure, too. And perhaps one of The Emirates’ most attractive features for international business is the fact that government leaders have enacted some very impressive, business-friendly policies.

Global economic experts all tend to come to the same consensus: the UAE is one of the best places you can pick for setting up your own business. But where in the UAE should you decide to set up shop, exactly? Identifying an ideal business location is one of the most important decisions to make. And the business setup services experts from MSZ Consultancy are here to help you answer that question!

8 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a UAE Business Location

Not only are there seven different Emirates to choose from, but there are also certain regions and Free Zones that are more attractive for specific categories of businesses and target audiences. How to go about identifying a perfect location for your UAE business launch? Here are a few considerations you’ll want to add to your checklist.

1. Demographics

Of course, any aspiring business should start by giving due focus to the demographics of its target customers and clients. A proper customer profile should include things like age, income level, gender, race & ethnicity, cultural preferences, etc. And don’t just focus on your target customer market; think about your target employee market, too. The more employees you can draw from within close proximity to your intended business location, the better.

2. Cost factors

Depending upon how much of a startup budget you have to work with, cost to set up in a particular location certainly matters. You’ll want to be mindful of things like rental cost, minimum capital needed to start your business, and other setup costs in whatever location you’re considering. Generally speaking, Free Zones are more affordable than Mainland business options.

You’ll want to become familiar with whatever taxes may be applicable in your particular region, as well. And don’t forget about vehicle permits and other transportation expenses.

3. Ease of business setup

It’s preferable to choose a location which offers streamlined business setup procedures and quick business setup timelines. The ability to fast-track your business launch is certainly an advantage.

4. Accessibility and logistics considerations

You want to choose a business location that’s easily accessible by all concerned parties, including customers, employees, and suppliers. It’s also recommended that your facility be designed for access by people with disabilities as well.

5. Consider the level of competition in your area

Choosing a location where there isn’t as much competition in your particular category of business is obviously another advantage. Since you’re probably looking to gain market share, it’s best to select a location where you can establish yourself as the primary supplier for whatever goods or services you produce.

6. Branding considerations

When it comes to launching any business, the brand you’re able to establish for yourself obviously matters. The location in which you choose to start your business should be well-poised for boosting your company’s brand image and helping to set it apart. Certain regions and cities are prominently associated with certain business categories, brand types, and general impressions. You want to make sure that your chosen business location is also consistent with your intended brand image.

7. Local governance issues

For whatever business location you may be considering, you’ll want to do your due research about which governing laws or other restrictions may apply in your designated area. It helps to know which incentives or other solution packages may be offered to help reduce your business operating expenses. UAE Free Zones are particularly attractive in this regard, as their rules are generally easy to understand, and they offer many benefits that are attractive to entrepreneurs and others looking to launch new businesses.

8. Opportunity for growth

Are there other businesses like yours already operating in this location? How have they been able to grow? And if this remains to be seen for your particular business endeavor, look to see how businesses outside of your industry have been able to grow in this location. It’s wise to choose a location where growth is a common denominator for businesses of different stripes.

UAE is one of the world’s leading business startup hubs, with a growing and diverse economy and a stable legal structure. Its business-friendly environment makes it ideal for foreign investors to start new businesses more efficiently. UAE has an excellent infrastructure, provides 100% business ownership and tax benefits, favorable business regulations, simple licensing procedures, minimal paperwork, and little to no red tape, making it an ideal business location worldwide. And UAE legal structures make it easier for foreign investors to run their businesses effectively.

The UAE company setup process is a big step, but MSZ Consultancy has streamlined it to make it easy, quick, and hassle-free for foreign entrepreneurs. If you are planning a business setup in UAE, then connect with our experts, they will guide you through every step of the business setup process.

UAE Business Trends to Follow for 2023

If you’re serious about a UAE company setup in Free Zone or want to start a company in Dubai in particular, it’s good to be aware of what trends have been noticeable for 2022, and which look to continue to grow in 2023.

1. AI-driven marketing

This isn’t really a “new” trend at this point, but it’s certainly something worth following and leveraging on your behalf. AI isn’t just about parsing through the data; it’s about understanding what kind of language makes buyers take action. AI is also about helping to personalize your marketing message and your customer experience at a granular level. AI can do things in real time that would be hard, or even impossible, to achieve otherwise. To that end, involving AI in your marketing strategy for 2023 is a smart move.

2. Global workforce

If you’ve been paying attention during and since the pandemic, there’s a growing supply and demand for remote workers. Remote may not work for every business type or category, but where it does work, it can be a perfect match made in heaven. Choosing to include remote workers in your business paradigm allows you to tap into a set of talent of skills you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. So decide to think more creatively when it comes to employment, and allow your business to reap the benefits.

3. Social responsibility and sustainability

In a word, both potential customers and employees care about what you care about as a business. Are you intentional about helping the world to be a better place, or are you just in it for the money? Today’s customers and employees are more savvy than ever, and they have a knack for being able to smell a fake a mile away. What’s your business really about? And how will you communicate that to your target customers and target employees?

Think about how your business will champion sustainability, too. Most consumers today are willing to pay a more premium price for products and services which are generated sustainably. If your business takes steps to give back to the Earth and its occupants, your customers, and employees will notice. They’ll probably give your business more loyalty, too.

4. Lean business principles

If you’ve been around business leadership for any length of time, then you probably already appreciate the value of a lean approach. Following lean principles can be the difference between your business merely just getting by or becoming great. The lean concept focuses on achieving maximum output with a minimum of invested time and resources. It’s not just about cost-cutting but is really about utilizing the right resources in the right places at the right time. To that end, focusing on incorporating lean principles can certainly benefit your new and growing business in the UAE.

MSZ Consultancy – Preferred Business Setup Consultants in UAE

We hope we’ve been able to provide some helpful information in regards to helping you choose the right UAE location for setting up your new business and also helping it to succeed. But even if you’ve loaded yourself with this information, it would be best for you not to try and navigate the UAE business setup process by yourself.

MSZ Consultancy is here to help! We can come alongside to make everything happen for you much more smoothly. Our headquarters are right here in Dubai, and we know what it takes to get a business successfully launched in the UAE.

Reach out today to book your free consultation! You can give us a call at +971 52 544 1248, or you can also get the conversation started by shooting us an email at info@mszconsultancy.com.  Don’t wait any longer; let’s make your dreams of opening a business in the UAE finally come true!

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