What is a Trade License?

Dubai is home to one of the largest and most complex business markets in the world. It offers a boundless array of business opportunities and benefits that draw thousands of investors to the region each day. With comprehensive incentive plans and little to no taxation on profits, it’s the perfect place to run your new business for maximum profits.

But it’s not a free-for-all in the UAE! Before you can create and run a business, you must obtain a trading license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). This license allows investors to form companies and conduct business in the various business sectors in the region.

Types of Trade Licenses in the UAE

Securing a trade license in Dubai usually depends on the type of business an entrepreneur wishes to conduct and where they plan to locate. The DED has established different license types to cover each sector.

1. Commercial License

This license covers most general trading businesses, including specialized trading activities.

2. Professional License

A professional license is directed towards businesses that engage in service-related professions like doctors, teachers, and lawyers.

3. Industrial License

Industrial licenses are provided to most manufacturers and the overall industrial sector.

4. Tourism License

Tourism licenses are given to businesses involved in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries.


The Step-By-Step Process for Acquiring a Trade License in Dubai

When applying for a trade license in Dubai, it’s imperative to thoroughly research all the requirements and gather the necessary documents to complete the process. Failing to do so can result in outright rejection. Below, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to help you through securing a trade license.

• Select a Business Activity

The first step in acquiring a trade license is choosing a business activity for your new company. There are numerous available business activities, each with its own requirements and regulations. You’ll want to thoroughly research which sector provides the most benefits for your business.

• Choose your Business Location

Once you’ve picked a business activity, it will often dictate which location in the UAE works best for you. Each business sector will cater to different industries.

1. Mainland and Offshore

Businesses that hope to sell their products or services within the UAE will likely want to apply to mainland Dubai. However, formed companies in the mainland are limited to 49% ownership, with a UAE national sponsor owning the remaining 51%.

2. Free Zones

Dubai is also host to many free zones that preside over different business types. Companies founded in the free zones are restricted from trading within the UAE, but they are allowed 100% foreign ownership with no sponsorship necessary.

• Pick Your Legal Form

An important decision for your business, choosing your legal structure will give you a road map of how to allocate resources and assets.

• Register Your Company Name

The time has come to pick a name for your business! You’ll need to submit your business name to The Department of Economic Development (DED) for approval. During this phase, it’s important to note that the DED will not permit the use of duplicate, offensive, or blasphemous names.

• Gather Your Documents and Submit Application

You’ll want to gather all required documents and submit your application for approval.

Some of the essential documents you’ll need:

  • A copy of passports for all shareholders and employees
  • Your Memorandum of Association
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • Notice of Sponsorship (if necessary)

• Choose Your Business Office

At this point, you’ll need to choose an office space to accommodate your employees. There are numerous options available depending on the size of your company. The size of this office space will also determine how many visas you can request.

• Receive Approval

Once you’ve submitted your application with the appropriate documents, you’ll receive an initial approval letter.

• Collect Documents and License

After receiving your initial approval, you’ll be free to collect your documents and your trade license. Once you’ve received the license, you’re legally able to conduct business in Dubai!

What Are the Advantages of an E Trader License UAE?

The Renewal Process

Assuming you’ve had your business license for almost a year now, the time has come to complete the renewal process. Failing to submit the renewal application can result in penalties or even the termination of all business activities. Therefore, it’s vital to handle this annual renewal in a timely fashion. Below, we’ve laid out some of the steps to help you through trade license renewal in Dubai:

1. Check your Tenancy Contract

The contract for your office space must be renewed for longer than three months beyond the trade license renewal date.

2. Acquire Licensing Approval

You’ll need to secure approval from whichever authority presides over your business type. For example, a restaurant will need to consult with the Food Safety Department and secure approval prior to submitting the renewal application.

3. Gather Appropriate Documents

At this point, you’ll need to gather the appropriate documentation for your renewal application. These include, but are not limited to:

  • A copy of your original trade license
  • Audit reports
  • Renewal confirmation for P.O. box
  • Photocopies of passports for all shareholders
  • Other documentation depending on your business activity and location

4. Submit Your Application

You’ve already done the hard part! Now you’ll just need to submit your application.

5. Receive a Payment Voucher

The DED will supply you with a payment voucher and a transaction number after submitting your application. You’ll want to make sure to pay all trade license costs to receive your final approval.

6. Receive License Renewal

The final step will be to receive your license renewal. This renewal will grant you the ability to conduct business in the UAE for another year.

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The Advantage of Trade Licenses

There are many advantages to securing a trade license in Dubai. In fact, you won’t be able to do business in the Emirates without one!

• Tax-Free Business

Most businesses are exempt from income and corporate taxes, allowing you to efficiently run your business and maximize profits.

• 100% Repatriation of funds on both capital and profit

This allows foreign businesses to keep the profits they make and return it to their home nation.

• Local and International Trade

Traders can sell their services in products locally and internationally.

E-Trading License

Dubai fully understands that the future lies in the digital realm. To prepare, the DED has developed an E-Trade license for companies conducting business via an online medium. This allows home businesses to operate without being required to secure local partners or sponsors. As a result, any investor hoping to form an online business must own 100% of the company. Additionally, E-Trade licenses do not require the company owner to purchase physical office space to conduct business.

Obtaining an E-Trade license is perfect for investors hoping to take advantage of online sales’ enormous business opportunities.

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There has never been a better time to apply for a trade license in the UAE! Securing your license will give you the power to set up shop and start conducting business. But it can be a daunting, complicated process for foreign nationals unaware of how day-to-day business operations work in the region. Therefore, many investors choose to hire consultants that are intimately familiar with regional laws and business customs. These advisors can help new business owners navigate the rocky terrain of business formation. And that’s where we come in!

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