Dubai is known for its business opportunities around the world. Due to its compelling infrastructure and commercial environment which are a few of the major reasons for business setup. Setting up an accounting and auditing firm in Dubai is one of the fastest-growing businesses for every company that requires bookkeeping and accountant to maintain transparency and follow the legalities as per the law. 

Requirements for setting up accounting and auditing firm in Dubai:

  • Degree in Accounting:

To set up an accounting business in Dubai, as a professional you need to have a degree in accounting. The entrepreneur also needs to obtain an authentic certificate that proves you are a qualified accountant. However, before opening an accounting firm there are certain legalities that need to be followed.

  • Professional license:

To start any business a license needs to be obtained. In order to start, an accounting firm in Dubai a professional license has to obtained from the Department of Economic Development (DED)

  • Office Space:

It is mandatory to set up an office space in Dubai for setting up a company. Physical working spaces generate confidence among the clients and feel comfortable dealing with such accounting firms. 

Procedure for setting up accounting and auditing firm in Dubai:

  • Register a trading name for your company
  • Decide on the company structure, whether you choose LLC, Sole Proprietorship, Joint Stock Company or any such entity
  • Obtain initial approval from the DED (Department of Economic Development)
  • Register your business by submitting the necessary documents with the authorities
  • Rent an office space
  • Obtain a professional license to start your accounting business
  • The cost of starting an accounting firm is minimal
  • Its consistent work takes place on a regular schedule
  • You can also work virtual and focus on your target market

Set up your accounting and auditing firm in Dubai with MSZ Consultancy!

In order to set up a business in the UAE, it involves tedious paperwork and rushing to the government authorities for licenses. MSZ Consultancy will not only guide you in business setup but will also support you in getting the right documentation. 

Our team of experts will offer you complete solutions for setting up a business in Dubai. We also help in providing trade licenses, company registrations, government approvals, PRO services, and everything that involves the formation of a company in Dubai. Get in touch with us today!

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