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Are you keen on obtaining an advertising license in UAE? Read this to know more!

Advertising and Marketing is a booming industry in and across UAE, it is an industry generating a profitable amount of revenue.

One can choose from three types of license depending on the activities carried out, they’re:

  1. Professional,
  2. Commercial and
  3. Industrial


  1. An Approval from different authorities like, municipality department, chamber of commerce and ministry of economy is essential, after which,
  2. The NMC (National Media Council) authority confirms an approval depending on the activity carried out and an approval fee is applicable,
  3. A final approval and its fees are obtained after submission all activities through NMS’s Performa invoice
  4. After the availability of Initial Approval Certificate (IAC) and Trade Name Certificate (TNC), the Office rental contract can be registered
  5. Finally, after the submission of all required documents and approvals to the Department of Economic Development (DED), the license can be procured following the final payment.

For Your Information – A Minimum is 200* Square Ft. is required for any license under the DED depending on the business activity.