Dubai is known as a city of opportunities and is the commercial hub of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), transforming itself from an oil-dependent to one of the leading and economic innovation hubs in the world. Due to its flexible business setup government policies and world-class infrastructure, every entrepreneur wants to start a business in Dubai. If you are planning to incorporate a company and deciding on which are the best startup ideas to start in Dubai, consider the following opportunities which have immense potential in the world of startup.

Here are top startup business ideas to start in Dubai


Dubai is a global hub for the tourism industry and it attracts a lot of tourists from all over the country and is one of the most preferred destinations. This is one of the best business ideas to start in Dubai. You can also look into a travel agency to assist travelers in services like visas, hospitality, etc. However, there are certain rules and regulations that have to be followed in order to start a tourism business in Dubai.


Dubai has a comfortable and high standard of living and people in Dubai are more into healthcare and lifestyle. There is a huge demand for professional healthcare services. A quality-oriented private business in the sector of health and business will be one of the best opportunities in Dubai.

Marketing and Advertising

Many newly established businesses look for marketing and advertising options both offline and online. If you are planning to open a marketing agency in Dubai it is one of the most viable options for creative minds. Digital marketing, website development, are a few of the marketing activities that you can look into a marketing agency.

Restaurant business

One of the business ideas to start in Dubai that an entrepreneur can consider is the restaurant business. This industry never has its downfall, whether its the food street or the rooftop dining in Dubai. It will be a great idea to start a restaurant business in the UAE.

Event Management Company

Starting an Event Management Company is a viable option as Dubai has a strong economic hub. Apart from luxurious weddings, there are a lot of business exhibitions, business events, workshops that keep happening in Dubai. Hence this industry has a great scope in the UAE

Baking shop

If you are someone who loves the idea of baking and is an artist at baking amazing cakes. Then starting your baking shop in the UAE is one of the best startup business ideas. Opening a baking shop in Dubai is simple if you know the basic procedure and have necessary academic qualifications

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