We all look at things that are bright, bold & beautiful and appeal to the eye, especially on the roadway, be it an image or picture, sign or a stunning Billboard!


Billboard advertisements are a great way of showcasing a product, brand or anything otherwise. Dubai having one of the world’s best transport systems, billboard advertisement in the city can be a boon.

Following are the types of billboard advertisements,

  1. There are different types of billboard advertisements permitted by the authorities, like:
  2. Roof Top – Billboards placed on buildings of a busy road
  3. Bridge Banners – Bridges over the road and also covers small areas
  4. Vehicle Advertising – As the name suggests, advertising on vehicles like van, truck or taxi
  5. Scaffoldings – These are large advertisement hoardings on highways and long-distance roads
  6. Unipoles and Lampposts
    • These are advertisement billboards placed on high poles and also lamp posts
  7. Glass Graphics – Innovative window graphics on high rise buildings
  8. LED billboard


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