The automobile industry is growing rapidly in the UAE. Dubai Cars and Automotive Free Zone City, commonly known as DUCAMZ were established to re-export used cars to the Asian and African markets. The total size of this free zone is 8 million sqft. It is one of the largest freezone of its kind, which offers the world-class infrastructure to fulfill the demands of the automotive industry. 

How to set up a business in DUCAMZ?

Companies operating in Dubai Cars and Automotive Free Zone City are related to trading and selling vehicles. For Freezone business setup in Dubai, one has to obtain a valid license and obtain it from the Department of Economic Development [DED]

Procedure for business setup in DUCAMZ

  • Fill the form and apply for initial approval
  • Submit the documents for the company registration
  • Sign the Memorandum of Association [MOA] and Articles of Association [AOA]
  • Deposit the share capital
  • Sign the lease

Documents required

  • A trade name must be registered
  • A resolution from the Board of Directors is required which indicates the establishment of the new company in Dubai
  • Certificate of registration from the registrar of companies
  • Passport copies of the shareholders
  • The physical address of every shareholder
  • Lease a suitable business location and provide the document

Here’s why you should set up a business in DUCAMZ

Company formation in Dubai Cars and Automotive Free Zone City provides an incredible network with the automobile industries. It has an array of major brands and other related enterprises. The major reason for function in this free zone is to get into a re-exporting business. 

Activities allowed in Dubai Cars and Automotive Free Zone City

Business activities in DUCAMZ are limited to automotive trading related services. The services include insurance, repair, and maintenance which are related to the automotive industry. 


  • 100% ownership
  • Taxation benefits
  • Skilled workforce
  • High administrative support
  • No individual or corporate tax
  • No currency restriction
  • Exemption on import-export duties

Setup your business in DUCAMZ with MSZ Consultancy!

Business setup in Dubai Cars and Automotive Free Zone City is simple if consulted with the right consultancy. MSZ Consultancy is one of the leading business consultancies in Dubai. Our team of experts will not only assist you on how to establish a business in Dubai but will also help you in PRO services, licensing procedures, and more. Get in touch with us today. 

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