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Dubai is one of the fastest-growing economies in the middle east. Investors from all around the world look for opportunities in the UAE market. Few of the businesses are growing tremendously in Dubai, for instance, a cafeteria business in Dubai. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have seen a diverse range of customers from all over the world. There is also strong support from the government which provides attractive incentives for starting a cafeteria business in Dubai.

How to obtain a cafeteria license in Dubai?

The most important step for opening a cafeteria in Dubai is to obtain food and trade licenses. The food license can be obtained from the Food and Safety Department, and the Trade license can be obtained from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai. Obtaining a license in Dubai has a critical process. Let us understand the steps to be followed to obtain a cafeteria license in Dubai.

Procedure for obtaining a license in Dubai:

  • Obtain Trade license and food license from the necessary authorities.
  • Select a local sponsor
  • Get the necessary approvals from the construction plans keeping in mind the specifications by the food and safety department
  • Select a suitable place for the cafeteria
  • Sign the agreement with your partner
  • Submit necessary documents to the DED( Department of Economic Development)
  • Apply of No-Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • The Department of Economic Development will provide you the trade license

Documents required:


 A. For the blueprint of the restaurant:

  1. Space for food processing and storage
  2. Sanitary spaces
  3. Windows and ventilation system
  4. The location of the equipment used to process the food
  5. Location of washing machines
  6. Entry and exit of the passages

B. For food license approval:

  1. The approval from the Department of Economic Development
  2. The layout of the premises
  3. Approval from the planning department

C. For Trade License approval:

  1. License application signed by the company managers
  2. Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  3. Attest company name approval letter
  4. Passport copies of the managers

Food Safety requirements for cafeteria business in Dubai:

To ensure food safety the cafeteria must obtain license such as:

  1. Food consignment release license
  2. Pork permit for handling and serving pork products
  3. Vehicle permit for transporting food products

The government also has a special regulation on the import/export of food products. The trade license can be renewed yearly from the DED

Location requirements:

  • The location selected to start the cafeteria business in Dubai must be appropriate and should provide the necessary space to keep the equipment and preparing the food.
  • Necessary space for disposal of dirt and emission of smoke
  • The toilet area must be separated from the kitchen
  • The walls, floors, roofs must be washed regularly and should be fire-proof
  • There should be a separate washbasin for cleaning utensils, for vegetables and a separate basin for meat

Open a cafeteria business in Dubai with MSZ Consultancy:

Opening a cafeteria business in Dubai can be challenging due to a lot of competitions. Provided the right amount of planning and execution opening a cafe in Dubai can be a lucrative business. Many investors are keen on investing in this sector in Dubai. So if you are planning to open a cafe in Dubai contact MSZ Consultancy. Our team of experts will assist you in starting the business and other necessary formalities.

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