Do Business in Dubai with Virtual License

Dubai has launched a virtual business license that will allow freelancers and entrepreneurs to conduct business in Dubai digitally without residence. This launch was announced by Deputy ruler of Dubai Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This is the region’s first virtual company license. The license will allow investors worldwide to do business in Dubai digitally without requiring residence. 

The Virtual license focuses on three main sectors:

  • Creative Industries
  • Technology
  • Services


Who is this license for? It’s benefits?

The initiative offers vast opportunities for investors around the world to work digitally in Dubai without having to be in Dubai. It will enhance confidence among businesses and investors while also opening new horizons for business competitiveness and growth in Dubai and the UAE.

The virtual license will give access to freelancers and businessmen across the world to conduct their business activity virtually and work with Dubai companies, also exploring new market opportunities digitally. It aims to attract 1,00,000 companies.  

Dubai economy will receive applications for the virtual license from businessmen and investors in 101 countries through the website or the respective offices of VFS (Visa Facilitation Services)

The Sectors:

It is available for freelancers and businessmen in three sectors:

  • Computer programming, consulting and related activities
  • Design activities
  • Service activities related to printing and advertising.


How to apply?

The applications can be submitted online through the VFS office all over the world. A 30 days background check will be done and then the complete documentation of the business will be verified before the license is issued.

An important point to be noted:

It is to be noted that the virtual license does not guarantee physical access to the UAE through business or resident visa to any of the members of the company.


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