Establish a technical service business in Dubai


Dubai being a desirable location for businesses. It is a wise option to establish a technical service business here.


Dubai offers two choices for the technical services’ business set up i.e., mainland and free trade zone. A technical services’ company is registered as a Limited Liability Company; where the investing partners own the shares in the capital. Dubai Mainland: DED acts as the regulatory body, the local bears a minimum of 51% shares and the investing expat partner/s bear 49% of the shares.

Benefits of Mainland Dubai technical services license:

  • No capital requirement
  • No restrictions on visas and also  currency in Dubai Mainland
  • You could apply and bag government projects
  • Liberty to choose office space anywhere in Dubai
  • No audit required a business can be out in Dubai local markets

 Dubai free zone: Establishing a technical service company here is simple and also easy, offering 100% ownership and repatriation benefits to the expat.


Permitted activities under technical services are handyman services like painting contracting, insulation contracting, wallpaper fixing , plaster and cladding works, installation and maintenance of air-condition, ventilation, and air filtration systems, plumbing as well as sanitary contraction, complete cleaning services, installation and maintenance of equipment’s like satellite receivers, electricity transmitters and control apparatus. Flooring and also tiling, concrete works, carpentry, and etcetera.


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