Dubai Expo 2020, a platform where millions of people from different countries come together and share their business ideas, is going to be one of the biggest events in 2020. We are expecting an audience of 25 million and 120 nations to share ideas, showcase innovations and celebrate human ingenuity. It’s organizing in October 2020 for six months, around the theme “ Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” , Expo 2020 desires to deliver one of the most sustainable World Expo ever.  

Sustainability the key pillar of Dubai Expo 2020

Sustainability is one of the sub-themes and key priority of the event, detailed targets and strategies have been developed to achieve sustainability.

The main aim of the Dubai Expo Sustainability 2020 is :

  • To create positive environmental impacts all over the world.
  • Build-in sustainable practices
  • Catalyze sustainability efforts in Dubai and UAE
  • Emphasizing on integrating solar energy technologies.  
  • Targeting 25% of the reduction of consumption of water across the buildings on-site.
  • Maximizing the strategy of recycling waste by reusing materials.
  • The sustainability pavilion displays the amount of human waste and plastic waste that destroys our ocean
  • Energy trees” models are built that surround the pavilion, in the event. They track the sun, harvest energy for the site and generate water for the building from the air. 

Sustainability Development Goals:

Dubai Expo 2020 recognizes sustainable solutions to a global challenge that is clean with suitable energy and which builds a sustainable future.

How is it planning on achieving sustainability goals?

  • Generating clean energy
  • Reducing Water consumption
  • Promoting natural solutions
  • Minimizing carbon footprint
  • Utilizing sustainable building materials
  • Reducing waste
  • Sustainable awareness

It will create new opportunities on technologies that will adapt for the demands of a sustainable UAE

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