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Dubai Healthcare City is an urban healthcare sector dedicated to helping individuals and corporations advance healthcare standards and practices throughout the country. Launched in 2002, this free zone has quickly grown to become an internationally recognized locale for state-of-the-art healthcare services and clinical excellence.

The DHCC is home to over 160 clinical partners, including hospitals, laboratories, and outpatient centers. There are also nearly 200 retail and non-clinical locations that service the inhabitants of this free zone daily. This robust healthcare infrastructure has fostered tons of business opportunities for investors and businesses in the healthcare field.

Requirements for Starting a Business in the DHCC Free Zone

A minimum capital investment of AED 300,000 for clinical facilities
For a commercial office, this minimum is 50,000
Commercial Licenses must be renewed once a year.
Facility licenses require renewal every two years.
Individual licenses for doctors, nurses, and medical professionals must be renewed every two years.

Licenses available in the DHCC Free Zone

• Professional License

Also known as a service license, this is issued to service providers, artisans, or general craftsmen.

• Clinical License

A license reserved for medical professionals, including doctors and nurses.

• Commercial License

A commercial license is dedicated to industries operating within the DHCC Free Zone.

Steps for Dubai Free Zone Company Formation

The process for business setup in Dubai Healthcare City is engineered to be streamlined and straightforward. Despite the efficient application, some new investors may contact a third-party consultancy service like MSZ Consultancy to help with the application process. But if you choose to apply without assistance, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the procedures.

1. Submit an application for pre-approval

You’ll need to fill out an application and submit it for pre-approval via the relevant authorities’ online portal.

2. Present a copy of your business plan

Once you’ve submitted your pre-approval application, you’ll need to submit a copy of your business plan to the relevant free zone authorities.

3. Submit legal documents

At this stage, you’ll need to carefully gather the appropriate documentation and submit them to the governing authority.

4. Provide a board resolution for shareholders (if applicable)

You will need to provide the governing body with a board resolution approving you to form the company.

5. Pay the required fees

You’ll need to ensure that you’ve paid all applicable fees required by the governing authority.

6. Collect your license

After waiting 2-4 weeks for processing, you should receive your submitted documents and will be issued your final license.

Steps for Dubai Free Zone Company Formation

Documents Required for Business Formation in the DHCC Free Zone

As mentioned previously, you’ll need to carefully gather all the appropriate documents to submit along with your application. Failure to provide the necessary documents can result in rejection or delay of approval. These documents are:

1. Your completed application forms

2. Your company’s Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

3. A copy of the board’s resolution if you have multiple shareholders

4. Copies of passports for the founders, shareholders, and employees.

Opportunities Abound in the DHCC Free Zone

The Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone offers many different business activities for medical professionals, private investors, and corporate entities. Some of these include:

1. Healthcare Support

There are tons of opportunities located in the healthcare support sector, including nursing programs and outpatient facilities. These skilled professionals help medical institutions run smoothly and efficiently.

2. Healthcare Management

For every healthcare-based business, there is a need for efficient management. The DHCC offers a large assortment of management positions within the healthcare industry.

3. Clinical Inpatient

Often, people require brief hospitalization for planned medical procedures. Because of this, there will always be a need for choices in these non-emergency clinical situations. The DHCC Free Zone offers a wide range of options for different inpatient medical businesses.

4. Professional Development Training

For every position filled, someone will need to be trained. Professional development

5. Healthcare Consultancy

Sharing your medical expertise is important! There are a multitude of consulting opportunities in Dubai’s Healthcare City Free Zone.

6. Educational Service Provider

These for-profit organizations contract with existing companies to provide educational training and support for schools, clinics, and businesses.

7. Publishing

The medical field revolves around the publishing of academic and medical journals. Dubai Healthcare City provides many opportunities for medical professionals seeking to publish their work.

8. Non-academic Service Provider

Businesses will often need to hire service providers that can train and inform employees about new practices and techniques in the medical field.

9. Executive Research

Executive researchers employ their knowledge to carefully research market strategies for businesses, helping them align the overall product direction in their respective fields.

10. Event Management

DHCC is host to many different events, and there will need to be businesses organizing them! There are plenty of options for event managers in the region.

11. Regional Headquarters

Branches can set up regional headquarters for their new business, giving customers more efficient ways of purchasing products or services.

12. Research and Development

Every company requires thorough research and development to succeed.

100% foreign ownership

Unlike the mainland, businesses operating in the DHCC Free Zone are not required to secure a national sponsor and retain full ownership of their company.

100% repatriation of funds, including capital and profits

Foreign investors conducting business in the DHCC can return 100% of their earnings to their home country, with no dues, fees, or taxes.

No currency restrictions

In the Healthcare City Free Zone, there are no restrictions on currency types.

Robust business infrastructure

Between efficient transportation, communications, and internet services, the DHCC is home to a fantastic infrastructure that lends itself to growing businesses.

No customs duty for goods and service

The DHCC Free Zone does not charge fees for selling products and services, allowing you to reap maximum profits.

Access to excellent healthcare

What better place to seek healthcare services than the Healthcare City Free Zone? This sector offers one of the most expansive healthcare systems in the Emirates.

Zero trade barriers and quotas

Unlike many countries, the UAE does not impose restrictions on international trade and does not require businesses to meet production quotas.

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We offer a wide selection of products for businesses big and small in the UAE. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a single investor or a representative of a large corporation! Applying for a visa? We can help! Choosing which free zone benefits your business the most? We handle that! Trademark registration? MSZ Consultancy is on it!

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