To ease business and jobs in the country, authorities have constituted new rules and regulations for employers and employees. The new electronic system approved by UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAI) allows companies to use their services for issuing or renewing Emirates Identity (EID) cards electronically.

The new system aims to modify majority of the functions and services provided by the authority for smart and electronic services resulting in happier clients

Advantages of the new system

  • The new system will enable a simpler process for companies, helping them renew EIDS for the employees all at once
  • This new system proves beneficial for companies as it will speed up the EID issuance process and reduce errors during the process.
  • This new system will also make it simple for FAI and the authority to deliver cards to the companies faster

Note: This new system is not applicable to small or medium-sized companies, however, it is applicable to a company under the same sponsor which consist of a minimum of 100 employees. The company must also be licensed by the responsible authorities and apply to the FAI with all relevant documents, and a signed contract to benefit from the advantages of the new system.


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