Situated in Queen Elizabeth 2, Mina Rashid Road, KIKLABB free zone is one of the premier business not just in Dubai but also in all the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is one of the most ideal locations in Dubai that enables businesses in tapping into ample opportunities brought forth by the states.

Many entrepreneurs are now considering business setup in KIKLABB free zone. As it offers efficient travel to hundreds of locations across the globe and it is nearest to the Dubai international airport.

Why set up your business in KIKLABB free Zone?

One of the main reasons, why entrepreneurs prefer business setup in KIKLABB free zone, is because of the financial and legal protection the limited liability company (LLC) offers. Here the limited liability company is distinct from the owners, and the LLC owners are not personally liable to the debts of the company, legal claims or financial obligations. Whereas if you are planning to set up your business as a sole proprietor then you are wholly responsible for all the debts the business incurred, there is no separation between personal or business finances. 

Business setup in KIKLABB free zone provides business with their own corporate image. An incorporated business seems to be a safer bet for all the potential investors, professionals and more established. Company formation in KIKLABB opens a lot of business opportunities for potential investors. 

Procedure for KIKLABB free zone business setup

Approved company name

The company’s name that has been approved by authorities will be the legal new name of the company. The company name chosen should not be the same as an existing registered company. Business consultancy experts can assist you in choosing the right name for your company. 

• Appoint at least one company director

The company needs to appoint at least one director. The director appointed by the new company will manage the daily activities of the company. The director can be either a local or a foreign director

• The official address of the company

The registered address of the company will appear on the KIKLABB authority’s registry. Company formation in KIKLABB allows businesses to have workspaces at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth 2, which is one of the newest waterfront destinations of Dubai.

Business requirement for KIKLABB business Setup

  • Application for KIKLABB FZ registration
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Company board resolution for business setup
  • Valid passport of the manager
  • Specimen signature of the manager

Benefits of company formation in KIKLAB free Zone

  • Availability of commercial and professional trade licenses
  • Premier address and location
  • Full IT support
  • Low business setup cost
  • KIKLABB free zone is business-friendly and stable free trade zone in Dubai
  • The location provides a strategic gateway in the growing United Arab Emirates Market.
  • Free premium coffee, snacks

Types of workspaces in KIKLAB?

• Flexi Desk

Flexi Desk is a professional co-working space for meetings and interviews with easy booking and free coffee

• Virtual office

You can choose a virtual office at Queen Elizabeth 2 and start your quick business meetings

Get your business set up at KIKLABB free Zone

KIKLABB is a one-stop business platform that offers everything you need in one place. Are you planning to setup your business in Dubai? Contact MSZ Consultancy. We are one of the leading business consultancy services in Dubai and provide you business solutions for everything that you need. Starting from expanding your business to obtaining your licenses. Get in touch with us today!

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