Expo City Dubai: The Newest Free Zone

Just because Expo 2020 has come to a close doesn’t mean the celebration has to end! In fact, many expo fans were excited to hear that Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, had announced plans to reconfigure the Expo 2020 site as a full-time venue for business, entertainment, and tourism.

By utilizing the elements that made the Expo 2020 Dubai a success, Dubai authorities are shifting the celebration site from a one-off event into an environment for entrepreneurs, investors, and travelers to converge year-round.

What the Expo City Offers

Expo City, now fully transformed into the newest Free Zone in Dubai, is set to host some of the most well-known local and multi-national business firms while providing a market that will significantly improve their prospects at success. But let’s take a look at a few specific things this Free Zone has to offer.

1. Green Zone

Expo City has been designed to promote sustainability by substituting clean transportation such as e-bikes and scooters instead of cars and automobiles. Additionally, advanced metering technology ensures efficient power, lighting, water, and climate control.

2. Free Zone

In addition to providing an excellent site for entertainers, Dubai Expo city will function as a Free Zone, providing excellent infrastructure for prospective investors to conduct business.

3. Expo 2020 Attractions

Though subject to change over time, many of the attractions at the 2020 expo are still available, including the UAE Pavilion, the sustainability pavilion, the mobility pavilion, and more!

4. Accessibility

Expo city will continue to provide ample access for visitors, such as the Expo 2020 station, to ensure that traveling to, from, and through the city is always accessible.

5. Business Opportunities

Dubai is known for being one of the largest business hubs in the world. And the Expo City is no different, offering tons of benefits for businesses hoping to make a name for themselves.

6. STEAM Experiences

In an effort to promote learning, Expo City Dubai will provide educational materials and experiences to science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) school programs.

Additional Benefits of Expo City:

• Modern Infrastructure

Expo City in Dubai is enabled with 5G networks, allowing workers, visitors, and travelers to connect seamlessly.

• Sustainable Buildings

The buildings in Expo city have been designed and constructed using modern engineering techniques that maximize their sustainability while minimizing their environmental impact.

• Extensive Health and Wellness

Dubai’s Expo City is home to extensive healthcare facilities and physical fitness attractions such as running tracks, walking lanes, and exercise facilities.


New Regulations Aimed at Making Dubai’s Expo City Sustainable

Along with transforming the Expo event into Dubai Expo City, the Dubai government has implemented several rules and regulations to ensure businesses can operate in this region effectively. These regulations are applied to offer advantages to new firms, startups, and foreign investors and ensure that the leader’s visions of the Expo are upheld.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Expo City

When discovering all the intricate plans, events, and happenings in Dubai Expo City, it’s understandable to be overwhelmed by the abundant information. But since consultant experts like MSZ Consultancy are here to help make sense of it all, we’ve put together a few frequently asked questions about this new Free Zone.

1. Where Is Expo City Dubai Located?

Expo City Dubai is located precisely where the Expo 2020 was held and will utilize nearly 80% of the present infrastructure.

2. How Do I Get to Expo City Dubai?

Expo City is reachable by the Dubai Metro Station. Additionally, electric vehicles, scooters, and bicycles are used for transportation within the grounds.

3. When Is the Dubai Expo City Opening?

By October 1st, most of Expo City will be open to the public. However, other pavilions are still in progress, with plans for premiere in September.

4. Are Any of the Expo 2020 Attractions Present in Expo City?

Yes! Several pavilions present during the Expo 2020 event, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion, the Vision Pavilion, and the Mobility Pavilion, will be available to those visiting the Expo City.

 5. Will There Be New Exhibits?

Yes! In addition to many of the remaining pavilions from the 2020 celebration, Dubai Expo City will continue to develop with new attractions, shows, and exhibits destined to keep you coming back time and again.

6. Do I Have to Pay to Get into Dubai Expo City?

No! There is no charge to enter the city. However, you’ll still be expected to pay for events and food.

7. What Else Will the Expo City Dubai Have to Offer?

Besides innovative entertainment, attractions, and world-class food, Dubai’s Expo City will offer a 5-kilometer running track, outdoor spaces, retail shops, business hubs, and more.

8. How Is Expo City Putting Wellness First?

Dubai City is known as the first WELL-Certified city in the region, dedicated to developing a healthy, positive lifestyle for its inhabitants.

Dubai Is Expanding Its Business Reach! Now Is the Time to Start Your Business!

Not only is the Expo City Free Zone debuting some of the most significant technological innovations for the world to see, but it’s also developing a business environment that’s drawing investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. With business-positive regulations and tax advantages that allow company owners to retain larger profits, it makes sense that so many people are choosing this Free Zone to form their businesses.

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