How to set up a readymade garments business in Dubai?


Readymade garments business – Clothing line of business especially readymade garments is undoubtedly becoming a revenue-generating trade in Dubai!

There are few things you would want to consider before setting up your business, like:

  • Legal formalities and licensing procedures; choose a unique name for your business/company
  • Choose a prime location for your business setup especially when it’s readymade garment business as it should attract customers.
  • Source of capital and necessary documentation procedures based on the structure of your business, if you eventually plan on opening a branch of your business documents from the parent company are essential.
  • Finally, a Bonus Tip – keep up with the latest trends, different styles, unique designs and a customer friendly attitude all this can keep you ahead of the competition!

Find out how much it cost you to setup your Dream Business

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