Limousine, or otherwise known as the saloon car is a hyped livered vehicle driven by professional chauffeurs. The Limousine business is a promising investment in Dubai, but not limited to the city.

Limousine business in Dubai offers good results (ROI) provided it’s set up appropriately, many hotels and high-end firms require this service.

To apply for a limousine license, a sufficient capital for the license and the car are to be estimated; the capital may vary

depending on the number of cars and their choice.

  • Followed by company application and registration
  • Then, notarize the company’s memorandum of association at DED
  • An application for establishment card at the Ministry of Labour should be submitted,
  • Finally, you have to register native workers with the Ministry of Labour and
  • Register native workers under the General Authority for Pension and Social Security

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