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Food Product Registration | How to register food products under Dubai Municipality? | Food Import Re-export Service (FIRS)

The food safety department – Dubai municipality regulates the registration process under the food control department, Food Import Re-export Service (FIRS).

This inspection system is laid out to achieve high standards in quality of food and its related products which are imported and re-exported, for this purpose, FIRS provides all necessary information regarding,  importing foods, supplying all types of health certificates, importing goods for re-exporting, label approval, food destruction application and issuing certificates.

Food Items Registration and Label Assessment in the FIRS, here the food products and their information are linked with their respective barcodes. This electronic system aids approval of food product registration, its inspection and importing.

The food sampling system is an innovative system, where the food products are examined and their results are submitted to the Dubai Municipality Food and Environment Laboratory’s electronic system which is integrated with this system.

Food Products registration rules in Dubai

  • One cannot register food products with banned ingredients – poppy seeds and alcohol.
  • Only food products are registered through FIRS, food supplements and inedible products like cigarettes are not registered under the process.
  • Ingredients present in the food product must be displayed either in Arabic or English.
  • Food additives like fast yellow A B, yellow 2 G, Amaranth, patent blue V, and potassium bromate are banned in the UAE.
  • Cases where the food product is already registered with another name or account, FIRS rejects such applications

Label Approval for food product registration in Dubai: food label shall contain the following:

  • Brand Name is a requirement
  • Product Name (a summarized description of the food product).
  • The food ingredients (arranged in a descending order according to the weight or volume).
  • Production & expiration dates of all products (except those which are exempted from displaying the validity or expiration dates).
  • Name of the food manufacturer, packer, distributor or importer.
  • Net weight or volume.
  • Country of Origin should be declared clearly and should be specific for example EU is not a country of origin. (The exact country should be specified)
  • Product’s barcode.
  • Lot number
  • The language of the label shall be in Arabic. Approved stickers could be used to translate the food labels in the Arabic Language.
  • Storage conditions (if the validity of the product depends on such conditions).
  • Mentioning the ingredients which may cause hypersensitivity
  • Instructions for using the product (if needed)
  • Displaying the nutritional information is optional

Food product/s can be registered by visiting the official website of Dubai Municipality at,