Free Zone Visa in UAE

Free Zone Visa in UAE – If any individual or an organization want to start a business in the UAE free zones then must apply for a visa prior to establishing the presence.

Benefits of obtaining Free Zone Visa in UAE

• 100% foreign ownership
• Exemption from personal, import, and also the export taxes
• Ease of long-term leasing options lasting up to 25 years
• Full repatriation of capital and profits

Procedures to obtain a Free Zone Visa in UAE

If you are open a business in a UAE free zone then you can apply for residency in the UAE on either Employment or with an Investor Visa.

The main authority for providing such visas for free zone in UAE is General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).

The Free zone visas only deal with the Immigration Department (GDRFA), not deal with the UAE Ministry of Labor at all.

This makes the process much more straightforward but it also means that Free zone visas do not strictly allow the individuals to work outside the Free Zone as they do not have a full UAE Labor contract.

Steps for obtaining UAE Free Zone Visa:

Step 1: Register for the E-channel Services

To apply for the E-channel services, you can take help of an agent or any authorized typing center who will register your company with the online services by paying the necessary fees. The UAE government started this services to update the visa process. This new system removes the manual work and makes applying and also registering much faster and transparent.

Step 2: Apply for Employment Visa

After the registration of the E-channel services, you have to apply for an employment visa. This visa is valid for 60 days and also is temporary in nature.  The immigration department will send your entry permit through mail once it is ready.

Step 3: Change status

Change status is important to get your free zone visa. It can be done in three different option i.e. In-country, Out of country, and also Border run. The most preferable option is In-country status change. Simply you can submit the passport to the immigration then they will stamp and activate your employment visa.

Note: Out of the country option is not available to all the nationalities hence it is always better to check with your free zone authority before leaving the country.

Step 4: Medical Test

The medical test is comprised of a blood test for any infectious diseases and also a chest X-ray. This process needs 3-4 days for completion.

Step 5: Register for an Emirate ID

After the medical test, you have to apply for the Emirates ID. You have to visit an official ID authority to make your application to apply for the Emirates ID and then the card is issued after capturing certain bio-metric details.

Step 6: Residence Visa Stamping

You have to submit the passport to the relevant immigration authority for visa stamping. The Free zone visa processing time is around 15 days after which you will be issued with the visa.

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