If you are a business dreamer and thinking to start a trading business in Dubai UAE, you will need to get a general trading license in Dubai. A general trading license permits business startups in Dubai UAE to conduct the entirety of their trading activities under one license. With the trade license, your Dubai startup could turn into a key player in the supplies business to help businesses with essential goods over the city.

What is a General Trading business Dubai?

Briefly, just about everything – particularly if you need to get into the goods supply startup business in Dubai UAE. A general trading license in Dubai will permit you to trade a wide scope of goods, for example, electronics, accessories, and clothing – to list only a few examples.

With a general trading license in Dubai UAE, it is not required that goods be related to one another, so one can trade in a vast number of diverse products as you like, from model trains to handmade jewelry.

Other than regulated goods, which is required to comply with wellbeing as well as safety standards, for example, frozen foods, pharmaceutical products, and weapons, the Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai permit a startup business in the UAE with a general trading license for exporting, importing, or trading of all other goods.

How you can get a General Trading license in Dubai

1. Decide your location

Deciding for a mainland General Trading in Dubai permits one to freely trade goods within the UAE. It is advised to go with a mainland license for general trading. If one decides for a Freezone, he/she will have limitations in moving around the goods. One must have the approval from the UAE authorities to get the mainland General Trading license in Dubai.

2. Decide the business activity

One can choose to 10 activities for his/her General Trading Business. He/she can include all the activities that are regulated goods, which comply with the health and safety standards and not including the goods, which require external approvals.

3. Decide the name of the company

Decide a trading name for your general trading company. Then send it for the initial approval. When it is approved, you can now apply for the general trading license.

4. Secure an office space and warehouse

You need to lease an office space and a warehouse. Because general trading is a trading of goods of physical goods, you require a warehouse to store the goods. A mainland license permits you to get a warehouse with no limitations yet with a free zone license, you will have certain limitations in the area of store and operation. Some free zones like International Free Zone Authority (IFZA, permit you to operate in a virtual office. One can choose any relying on his/her requirements.

5. Customs clearance

Getting custom clearance is an essential obligation for any business, which is importing goods to the country. For that, one should get an import code from the customs authority so that he/she can import goods into the UAE by paying the required amount. You can enroll with any customs authority reasonable for you in the emirates.

Advantages of setting up a general trading company in Dubai

  • Getting into the general trading business as a startup business in Dubai UAE accompanies various opportunities and advantages.
  • If one decides to apply for a business license in Dubai mainland, he/she will have the option to easily trade in the region, including the mainland, Freezone, and internationally.
  • An added reward is the capacity to apply for and get visas for numerous employees as your trading startup in Dubai gains income and you begin to think about the expansion.

Why choose MSZ consultancy to set up your general trading business in Dubai, UAE

  • We will advise different ways to start your general trading business relying on your requirements.
  • We will assist and guide you to choose activities so to include all of the chosen activities into your trading license.
  • We will assist you to get any external approval that is required for your activity in the license.
  • We will forward all the paper works as well as customs clearance documents and make you ensure you have a stress-free experience when setting up your business in Dubai UAE.
  • Additionally, we have tailored business setup packages, which will suit your requirements and needs.

Contact us now on +971 52 544 1248 or mail us at info@mszconsultancy.com to book a free consultation and to know more about the General Trading Company setup in Dubai, UAE.

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