Professional license in Dubai – If you are carrying out or offering service-oriented commercial activity in the country then you should possess a professional trade license in Dubai. In such cases complete (100%) foreign ownership and sole proprietorship are allowed.

You can carry out professional activities; however, a UAE national must be appointed as a local service agent who’s not directly involved in the business, a fee per annum has to be paid for his service. The local service agent’s role will be assistance in obtaining visas, licenses, immigration cards, and labor cards of the company.

To be noted – a professional cannot purchase or sell goods, involve in trading, transport, banking, and also finance etcetera. If there is more than one owner in the Professional License, such a company holding is called a Civil Company and it can be owned completely by expats.

Required documents for initial approval

  1. Required filled-form, passport copies of the partners
  2. Naturalization book’s (jinsiyya or muwatana) copy of local service agent
  3. If UID number is not mentioned in the Visit/Tourist/Transit visa, it has to be obtained from the immigration department
  4. A NOC should be obtained from the sponsor for expatriate partners (although, a NOC is not required for tourist/visit visa holders copy of their visa should be attached)
  5. For executing special activities an initial approval from RTA and also Municipality and/or National Media Council is essential.

Documents that have to be approved for tenancy contract

Approval for tenancy contract from Municipality Planning Section is made available at the branches of Department of Economic Development (DED). A fee along with a security deposit may be charged by Dubai DED

  • BR1 form,
  • Tenancy contract
  • Name reservation certificate,
  • EJARI registration certificate to be submitted to the DED
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