The United Arab Emirates is in the spotlight for its booming economy, easy company establishment, and expansion. But when it comes to forming a company, if you don’t have stable funds, you won’t survive long. That’s where an investor comes into play. An investor is one of the key players when it comes to company formation in Dubai and throughout the UAE. The good news, the UAE government, has rules in place that cater to investors. There’s 100% repatriation of investments and profits made.

If you decide to invest in a UAE company, the most important step to take is getting a valid passport and visa. There are different types of visas you can apply for, but the one you’ll need is an investor visa.

What is a UAE Investor Visa?

This type of visa is for entrepreneurs from around the world that are wanting to take advantage of the UAE’s booming economy. Anyone who wants to start a business in the UAE will need to apply for this license. The process will vary depending on the emirate you’re wanting to do business in.

What is a Dubai Investor Visa?

You may hear this referred to as a Dubai partner business. This is ideal for foreign expats who want to start their own business or want to invest in a business that already exists. This will allow the visa holder to work and live in Dubai and act as a sponsor for other family members. A Dubai investor visa is valid for three years.  

How to Apply for an Investor Visa Dubai?

You can always convert your visa status into an investor residence visa. It’s an easy and convenient setup with locations across the city. You will need to do this at the Amer Centres in Al Jafiliya, Al Twar, Dubai Festival City, Al Quoz, and other locations throughout Dubai.

Documents Required for a Dubai Investor Visa  

You will need to get together the correct paperwork if you plan to invest in a business or establish a company on Dubai’s mainland. These are the required documents for the Dubai investor visa:

  • Passport copy
  • Personal photo on white background
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Immigration Establishment Card
  • Trade license
  • Partnership contract between the local sponsor and partner
  • Bank statements showing the last 3 months

How does a 10-Year and 5-Year Investor Visa work in Dubai?

An investor visa in Dubai is good for 3 years. But now there’s an option for something more long-term. A 5-year and 10-year visa are available for real estate investors and other industries. However, you can’t apply for these visas. They are only issued to investors that meet the qualifications put in place by the GDRFA-Dubai. You will be contacted by authorities if you’re eligible for a long-term visa.

Benefits of Holding an Investor Visa

The UAE is a booming international business hub. So, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs from around the globe are looking for a business setup in Dubai or want to invest in a business that already exists. There are several benefits to investing in a Dubai company: 

  • 100% repatriation of investments and profits made
  • Tax-free environment
  • The investor has the benefit of hiring international recruitment
  • Easy to apply for a residence visa
  • Easy access to a corporate bank account in UAE
  • The investor gets the flexibility to hold an Emirates ID
  • Security and stability. The crime rate is basically nonexistent. Anyone who commits a crime loses their visa and is deported.

Apply for an Investor Visa with the Top Business Setup Consultants

Investing in a company is a pretty big step to take. That’s why you need expert business setup consultants by your side like the team at MSZ Consultancy. We are knowledgeable about all the rules and requirements needed to get an investor visa in Dubai. We will guide you through the steps to make sure the process is a smooth one. We have been consulting and advising successful investors and business setup in Dubai for over 15 years. So, we know what you need to make your business investment a successful one. Our team of experts will provide in-depth knowledge of what it takes to secure an investor visa in Dubai. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. Visit to get started!

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