Dubai offers an operative environment to its companies which is extremely liberal and attractive in the Middle East region. Businesses like grocery or retail stores are the key pillars that promote such small sectors. In order to obtain a grocery license in Dubai, every individual needs to look through a few components that affect the profitability and stability of your startup.

Rules to obtain a grocery license in Dubai?

  • The Department of Economic Development (DED) must have complete knowledge of the existence of supplies or products in the local market
  • Prior approval if the location of the store needs to be changed
  • The customer has to obtain an invoice for the goods purchased
  • Only after getting the permit, the machine for the coin operation must be installed
  • Prohibition of sale of products with the fake trademark
  • Any amendment cannot be carried out without the approval of the authority
  • The commercial name must be same on the license and signboard
  • Prohibition of promoting and sale of counterfeit goods
  • Every product must have the date of production and expiry
  • Prices must be clearly visible on all the goods
  • The trademark of the groceries must be registered with the Ministry of Economy
  • One is not allowed to sell products related to medical, herbal, or cosmetic, under the grocery license

How to open a grocery store in Dubai?

Local sponsor

It is important to find a local sponsor when you set up a grocery store in Dubai. They can be individuals or company who owns a major share in your business

License and registration

Obtain a grocery license in Dubai for your business and other required certifications from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Business jurisdiction

It is very important to understand the business jurisdiction for opening a successful grocery store in Dubai.

Paperwork and PRO services

Setting up a grocery store may require further documentation, certifications and further approvals from various departments.

Key Factors to keep in mind before setting up a grocery store in Dubai

  • Know your business
  • Location of Setup
  • Find a local partner
  • Financial viability

MSZ Consultancy for obtaining grocery license in Dubai

Obtaining a grocery license and setting up the store is a tedious process. Hiring a consultant will make it easier and cost-efficient. MSZ Consultancy will guide you in every process for obtaining a license and the necessary documentation that needs to be done.

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