The industrial license in Dubai authorizes business or a company to perform industrial activities such as manufacturing, processing, and other activities in Dubai. To start any business operations in Dubai it is mandatory to obtain an industrial license. This license is emitted for those enterprises which transform natural substances into final products. 

An industrial license is essential for setting up an industry specialized in manufacturing, casting, molding, or any other activity which is involved in production from raw materials to semi-finished goods and supplies. The organization must register with the Department of Economic Development (DED) and the Chamber of Commerce Industry and follow the registration procedures in Dubai

How to obtain an Industrial license in Dubai

  • The Department of Economic Development (DED) after careful consideration of license application issues the license to the company. Furthermore, you need to obtain approval from the municipal authority. 
  • Once the license is approved you must also obtain the consent from the municipality to construct the factory
  • The necessary documents need to be submitted to the concerned authorities such as:
  • Copy of passport residence 
  • Partnership contract (If its a partnership firm)
  • Copy of trade license
  • Copy of balance sheet
  • Approval from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment and Water APproval, and Ministry of Interior Approval
  • Blueprint of the factory

Conditions to apply for the license

• Local sponsor

There is a statutory requirement that the company must have a local sponsor in Dubai holding 51% of the shares of the company

• Local license

The entrepreneur must also obtain a local license from the area where your business is operating

• Workers

The company must have at least 10 workers

About Industrial License in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

This license is issued to companies who are operating in the business that converts raw materials into new products or semi-processed goods which are further used down the line in other industries under the different scope of operations. The transformation of goods is assessed based on changes such as structural, appearance composition, and usage of goods after processing.

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