In recent years, the UAE government has enacted numerous business-friendly policies and initiatives that give business owners the ability to operate efficiently and profitably. And one such program is ESAAD, an initiative that grants Golden Visa holders access to discounts for restaurants, hotels, flights, and more.

This card was established in 2017 by UAE authorities to offer discounts for retail, education, health, and hospitality. It includes 40% off school fees for some schools and even 50% off for stays at particular hotels. While traditionally offered to government employees, now all Golden Visa holders can enjoy these benefits.

So, if you’re the holder of a Golden Visa and want to learn more about securing your ESAAD membership, keep reading!

Who Is Permitted to Have an ESAAD Card, and What Is Its Purpose?

In addition to being offered to those possessing a Golden Visa, the ESAAD card is also made available to government employees, military members, and civilian government retirees. They’re also available for relatives of ESAAD card holders, such as spouses, children, or parents.

By acquiring this card, holders are permitted to receive a wide range of discounts and benefits for a period of five or ten years.

These cards issued to UAE citizens and Ex-pats are designed to build a more active community and allow people to maintain higher living standards.

How Do Golden Visa Holders Benefit from Having an ESAAD Card?

For those that possess Golden Visas or a residence Visa UAE, an ESAAD card is a fantastic way to reduce overall costs for dining, shopping, business, tourism, and more. It’s designed specifically to entice potential investors and business owners to the region to conduct business.

This card can be used electronically and offers a wide range of discounts and packages for customers, including up to 70% off in some sectors. For example, you’ll see deals such as:

• 50% discount for some restaurants and cafes.
• 35% discounts for opticians jewelers
• Airline discounts are as significant as 25%.
• Massive discounts for entertainment tourist attractions and venues such as aquariums, Burj Khalifa, and more.
• Healthcare discounts that are as large as 50%.
• Educational benefits save educators and students anywhere between 20% and 80% on fees and supplies.

And in addition to benefitting cardholders, ESAAD has a tremendous effect on businesses. Just look at a few industries that benefit from having an ESAAD card:

• Education
• Hospitality
• Healthcare
• Restaurants
• Real Estate
• And More!

Steps for Applying for an ESAAD Card

The process for applying for an ESAAD card is designed to be simple and stress-free for those that hold a Golden Visa in the UAE.

Individual visitors will need to:

1. Visit the ESAAD Website Homepage

You’ll want to visit the ESAAD website to access the online portal.

2. Follow the Link

You’ll then need to click on the registration link to begin the process.

3. Enter Contact Information

At this point, you’ll need to provide your name, address, and phone number in addition to other contact information, such as an Emirati ID.

4. Submit Application

After completing the captcha, you’ll simply click “submit,” and you’re all set!

For businesses applying for ESAAD membership, you’ll click on a company registration link, and you must supply the following:

• A legal business license
• An application with the necessary contact information
• Your organization’s logo

What Sectors Benefit the Most from ESAAD Cards?

As we’ve mentioned previously, one of the larger purposes for ESAAD cards is to supplement regional businesses. A wide range of business sectors has greatly benefitted from the traffic created by ESAAD cards. These businesses include:

1. Restaurants

The ESAAD card has been highly beneficial to restaurant businesses. These restaurants see a dramatic increase in traffic because of these discount cards.

2. Hospitality

With tons of ex-pats and investors traveling to the region for leisure and business, hotels and tourist destinations are enjoying an uptick in sales as a result of the ESAAD card.

3. Education

Education has always been important to citizens of the UAE. But now, with the advantage of incredible reductions in school fees, more students will be able to visit the region for education and training.

4. Real Estate

Even real estate investors see the benefits of ESAAD cards. These cards provide potential buyers extensive benefits that make purchasing real estate easier and more affordable.

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Understanding the details surrounding an ESAAD privilege card can be confusing for those unfamiliar with UAE business. But we can help! Below, we’ve gathered just a few questions from customers like you.

1. Can an ESAAD Card Be Used in Dubai?

No, while there are numerous brands throughout the UAE that are part of this discount program, Dubai is not.

2. How Does an ESAAD Cardholder Use Their Discounts?

Cardholders will simply need to present their card to staff. More often than not, this can be done electronically via the ESAAD app.

3. Who Is Eligible for an ESAAD Card?

All government employees are eligible to possess an ESAAD card, including first-degree relatives such as spouses or children. Additionally, Golden Visa holders are also eligible for this program.

4. How Do I Register for an ESAAD Card?

To apply for an ESAAD card, you’ll need to visit the web portal, fill out an application, and upload the necessary documents. These documents include:

• A valid company license
• Company logo
• Copy of Emirati ID
• Passport Copy

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