There is a massive increase in businesses in the UAE. With the ever-changing rules and regulations, there is a huge demand for a law firm in Dubai. Due to its liberal business environment, taxation benefits, and world-class infrastructure, Dubai is considered a leading place for an entrepreneur starting their business.

Procedure to start a law firm in Dubai

• Collaborate with a local lawyer

One of the important things required to start a law business in Dubai is to collaborate with a local lawyer who possesses knowledge about the rules and regulations of the land and is affiliated with the local court.

• Obtain a business license

Before starting any business in Dubai, the entrepreneur has to obtain a business license. The license can be availed from the Department of Economic Development (DED) after submitting the necessary documents.

• Submit the documents

Submit the required documents received from the Ministry of Justice to the Department fo Economic Development (DED)

• Decide on the location of the business

While opening a law business in Dubai, decide on the location to set up your firm

Points to remember before starting a law business in Dubai

• Professional ethics

Lawyers must refrain from committing any fraud or crime. They have to follow the set of principles to adhere to

• Charge reasonable amount

The lawyers should always charge a reasonable amount based on the case.

• Dual court system

There are federal and local courts that are supreme courts in Dubai. There are three stages of Dubai court system: the court of instance, the court of appeal, and the court of cassation

• UAE law source

The entrepreneur starting a law business in Dubai must be aware of the law jurisdiction and the source.

Start your law firm in Dubai with the help of MSZ Consultancy. 

Many entrepreneurs face complexities in setting up a law business in Dubai. It involves a tedious procedure and there are certain restrictions to it. But consulting the best service companies can ease your setup and provide you with the necessary services. 

If you are willing to start a law firm in Dubai, MSZ Consultancy will help you build your dream business. MSZ Consultancy provides LLC company formation and related-setup services in Dubai and across UAE to get your business up and running.

Our team of experts will offer you complete solutions. We also help in providing trade licenses, company registrations, government approvals, PRO services, and everything that involves in the formation of a company in Dubai.

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