Dubai is renowned for its place as one of the world’s leading business and trade hubs. It’s home to a diverse economy, incredible tourist attractions, and bountiful business opportunities. However, it’s also a dedicated destination for artistic endeavors in media, movies, television, music, and more. Dubai Media City is a dedicated media center that offers a productive atmosphere for many different media businesses. In addition to providing investors a location to conduct business, it also provides fantastic infrastructural elements that give companies even greater chances of success.

Have you been considering setting up a media company in Dubai? If you’re a foreign investor searching for business opportunities in the media sector, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a deeper look at how to form your media company in Dubai.

How to Set Up a Media Company in Dubai

For some ex-pats, forming a media company in a foreign nation can be intimidating. And while the licensing application process is designed to be streamlined, it can prove difficult for those that aren’t experienced in conducting business in the UAE. Many of these investors choose third-party consultants, like MSZ Consultancy, to help manage many of their day-to-day tasks. From arranging license applications to securing visas for your shareholders, employees, and family, these business experts can help businesses maximize their overall potential.

But if you don’t have the immediate assistance of consultancy experts, you may need to go it alone. To that, it’s essential to understand the process of forming a media company in Dubai’s Media City. We’ve put together a checklist of vital things you’ll need to cover when applying:

1. Fill Out an Application

You’ll need to fill out an application form, which can be found on the DTMFZ online portal. This application will need to be evaluated by the governing authorities, with an average return time of five days.

2. Provide Documentation

Along with your application, you will also want to present all necessary legal documents. This documentation includes:

• Your company registration application
• A business license application
• A thoroughly crafted business plan
• Color copies of passports for the company’s director, shareholders, managers, and legal representatives• A thoroughly crafted business plan
• A Memorandum of Association as well as Articles of Association
• A No Objection Certificate
• Proof of share capital
• A board resolution showing approval for the creation of a company

3. Choose a Company Name

Another vital part of the business creation process is choosing your trade name. For example, you’ll want to pick and submit a trade name request to the proper authorities, assuring that it has not been previously used and does not include profanity.

4. Pay Necessary Fees and Await Approval

After you’ve submitted the required documents and a trade name request, and any additional information that may be needed, you’ll need to pay the registration fee. Within a few days, you’ll be informed of approval and provided a business license.

The Benefits of Forming a Media Company in Dubai

Whether you’re forging a new news company or heading a film production, there are many benefits to starting a media company in Dubai. Let’s take a look at just a few!

1. 100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits

Foreign investors can return all profits and capital funds to their home country without paying any fees or taxes.

2. 100% Foreign Ownership with No Local Sponsor Required

Some regions require foreign investors to find a local, national sponsor to own and manage a majority share in a business. This is no longer required, and business owners are now capable of owning their company outright.

3. A Business-Friendly Atmosphere

A fantastic business environment that favors startups and new companies entering the region. Dubai is home to a fantastic business atmosphere, relaxed immigration regulations, and laws that help businesses enjoy maximum profits.

4. Zero Tax Responsibilities

Businesses operating in the region are not subject to income or corporate taxes, allowing companies to keep more of their investments.

5. No Import Duties

Tariffs and charges for importing and exporting products are no longer an issue, making conducting international business more accessible and financially rewarding.

6. Advanced Infrastructure

Dubai is home to a well-built infrastructure, including roads, transportation, ports, and even high-speed internet access.


Where to Establish Your New Media Company

Dubai is home to various jurisdictions that cover media-based business activities. Here, you’ll choose where you would like to conduct business. Some of the options include:

• Dubai Media City
• Dubai Production City
• Dubai Studio City
• Sharjah Media City Free Zone
• Ajman Media Free Zone
• RAK Media City
• Fujairah Creative City
• And more!

MSZ Consultancy is Your One-Stop-Shop for Any New Business in Dubai

For years, MSZ Consultancy has helped investors, stakeholders, and business owners maximize their company’s potential by assisting them with essential applications and licenses and even handling significant renewals. From business setup in Dubai to securing visas for family and coworkers, you need the assistance of professionals that have years of experience conducting business throughout the Emirates. Our fantastic business and legal experts help investors navigate the terrain of foreign business while providing them the power to focus on handling the most critical facets of their company.

Do you need assistance with business setup in the UAE? How about securing a media license? No matter your chosen field or business activity, we have the skills and expertise to get the job done. Give us a call today at +971 52 544 1248 and let our team of experts help you maximize your business potential!

Frequently Asked Questions

When forming a new business, especially one as complex as one based in media, you’re likely to have a few questions. And to make the process easier, we’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions.

1. How Do You Acquire a Media License in Dubai?

You’ll need to go to the National Media Council’s website portal to apply. Additionally, you’ll be required to submit identification and several important documents. You’ll want to have these handy before submitting an application.

2. What Kind of Businesses Activities Can You Perform with a Media License in Dubai?

Dubai’s media license allows you to conduct business activities such as television production, journalism, theatrical productions, musical performances, magazines, movies, and much more.

3. What Are the Biggest Benefits of Forming a Media Company in Dubai?

There are a ton of reasons why operating your media-based company in the UAE is a profitable choice, including:

• 100% foreign ownership
• 100% repatriation of funds
• Zero tax responsibilities
• Expansive infrastructure

4. How Long Does it Take to Form a Media Company in Dubai?

Applying for media-based business licenses is designed to be a streamlined experience. As such, most applications can be submitted and returned within roughly five business days.

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