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How to set up a recruitment agency in Dubai | Ministry of Labor | MR 1283

Booming businesses in Dubai have created a demand for recruitment agencies, this creates a good opportunity to start a recruitment agency in Dubai.

The government permits licensing for a Private Employment Agency as per the Law in 2011 known as MR 1283, which is issued by the Ministry of Labor, this has allowed foreign outsourcing companies to venture in Dubai. A recruitment license holder company in Dubai is primarily involved in recruiting expats. With a recruitment license, one is permitted to place employees in permanent job positions in companies.

Foreigners are given the liberty to start a recruitment agency in Dubai free zones, however, as per the UAE law agencies must inform the Ministry about any variations made within the agency. The candidate applying for a recruitment license must hold no criminal record.

Types of Recruitment license in Dubai:

  • Brokerage agency
  • Temporary recruitment agency

What is a Brokerage agency?

A brokerage agency operates by exchanging contractual and employment-related information

Activities Involved:

  • To collect and keep the data about workers
  • Keep the record of an available job with the employer
  • It will store the worker applications and any other information to provide it to the employer when it is required

What is a Temporary recruitment agency?

Temporary recruitment agency operates like an employer by recruiting labor for a third party for a job or service under the supervision of the third party. (The third party may be a corporate person or a non-corporate person).

The agency operates like an employer with a connection to the concerned labor, labor can be hired from outside or inside the country

Essential Documents

  • Passport copies of the shareholders
  • Copy of the ID card of the¬†owners
  • Family book copy of the shareholders
  • A copy of the trade name booking for the new trade license
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Drawing of the setup location
  • Written statements of the shareholders