Ras-Al-Khaimah Investment Authority – RAKEZ provides the necessary infrastructure and also approvals, all under one roof for investors and partners alike in their projects in UAE.

RAKEZ’s economy has 3 key sectors, they are Industry, Tourism, and also Real estate. This semi-governmental body will now have a legal character and can enjoy financial and also managerial independence. Ras-Al-Khaimah Investment Authority acts as a one-stop solution for all investor needs. Their services include.

  • Business licenses (Free Zone and also Non-Free Zone)
  • Visas
  • Industrial Plots
  • Warehouses
  • Labour accommodation
  • Commercial space
  • Building permits

Following are the permitted activities and types of license available under RAKEZ


Permitted activities include Manufacturing, Trading, and also Service activities. The following types of licenses are available under RAKEZ, Industrial license, Commercial trading, General trading, Service license, and also Media license.

Following are the documents required to set up business in RAKEZ, UAE

  • Passport copies of the shareholders/ members
  • Certificate of good standing of the shareholders/ members of their bank,
  • Documentary proof of the present residence of the shareholders/ members,
  • CV of the shareholders/ members
  • Power of attorney for the shareholders
  • Board resolution of the applicant company
  • Power of attorney
  • English copy of the applicant company’s articles of association
  • Registration certificate of the applicant company

(Attention, please! License of a company has to be renewed on an annual basis, if a company fails to do so, a penalty would be charged by the authority, after the expiry date).

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