Setting up a Rehabilitation center in Dubai

UAE is bolstering development in every sector including the healthcare systems, the private sectors alike are recurrently upgrading to meet the international standards and also intended to create a world-class healthcare infrastructure.

A drug rehabilitation center goals to help thousands of people dealing with drug addictions and also to create a safer place. Let’s know the departments involved in the establishment of the Rehabilitation Centre

  1. Department of Economic Development (DED),
  2. Dubai Land Department (RERA),
  3. Ministry of Labour (MOL),
  4. Dubai Health Authority (DHA),
  5. Dubai Municipality (DM)
  6. Ministry of Interior – DNRD
  7. Dubai Civil Defence (DCD),
  8. Dubai Courts etcetera

How to go about establishing a Rehabilitation Centre?

  1. A No Objection Certificate from Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is compulsory to present to DED for obtaining the Professional License of the Rehabilitation Centre,
  2. DHA has divided the rehabilitation activity into different categories based on medical professional’s specialty in medicine, physical or behavioral therapy and also psychiatry

Initial approval

  1. Trade Name Reservation and also Initial approval inquiry receipt from DED is applied.
  2. Then the center needs to enter into a tenancy agreement for the buildings and to get the Ejari from Dubai Land Department.
  3. Securing DHA Approval and NOC for the issuance of the rehabilitation center’s license requires further documentation and a floor plan as per guidelines of DHA Condition for Final approval.
  4. Inspection of the buildings is carried out as per the submitted and also approved floor plan.
  5. The Establishment Owner will appoint a medical director

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