Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is not only the best free zone in Dubai and UAE, but it has been declared as the best free zone in the entire world. The reason behind attaining this status is the opportunities and advantages available to various businesses.

Generally, DMCC provides import, manufacturing, and re-export facilities to companies and traders related to soft agriculture (coffee, tea, and spices), precious metals (gold, diamond, pearls, and colored stones), base metals & steel, and the energy sector.

DMCC is not limited to the commodities sector. Since 2014, every type of business is registered under the DMCC license. There are more than 600 business activities under 20 sectors that are permitted in this particular free zone.

What are the types of licenses available in DMCC?

  1. Trade license – For trading activities.
  2. Service license – To carry out service activities.
  3. Industrial license – For light manufacturing activities.

Note: Generally, it is not allowed to conduct trading and service activity on a single license. These activities can only be conducted under their respective licenses. Up to six business activities per license are allowed. Here, it is possible to get two separate licenses under one company name in rare circumstances.

What are the required documents for pre-approval?

  • Passport copy,
  • Copy of UAE residence visa and Emirates’ ID
  • NOC from the sponsor
  • Summary of business plan
  • Third-party approvals (for specific business activities)
  • Office address in DMCC free zone
  • Residential address proof (utility bill or invoice) in the country of residence
  • Documents of a parent company

Note: The documents requested will depend on the information that has been fed into the application. (Certain forms are system generated)

Following forms and letters are systems generated

  1. Know Your Client (KYC) form for each Shareholder/Director/ Manager/ Secretary/ Legal Representative.
  2. HR Signatory Appointment Letter

DMCC will provide company name reservation and approval application within 5 to 10 working days.

Note: The validity of the Pre-Approval is 90 days.


After the pre-approval is completed, you will receive a notification detailing the requirements for the registration stage.

What are the required documents to be submitted to DMCC Representative?

  • Specimen signature form for each (Legal representative/Secretary/Manager/Director/Shareholder)
  • Passport for each (Legal representative/Secretary/Manager/Director/Shareholder) and Visa if holding a UAE residence visa
  • Shareholders’ Resolution

Following document and letter is system generated

  • Standard Undertaking Letter
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association.

After submission of all the required documents and paying the registration and license fee, the DMCC will issue a Provisional Approval Letter and Bank Letter. This process will be completed after five working days.

Note: Both Provisional Approval and Bank letter are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.

After the submission of required documents for new office space, DMCC shall issue the following system-generated documents:

  • Company License
  • Attested DMCC Memorandum &Articles of Association (MOA)
  • Share Certificate(s)
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Personnel Secondment Agreement

DMCC will issue an e-license after five working days. This will allow you to open a business in DMCC.

MSZ consultancy will guide you in getting the necessary licenses for your business in DMCC Freezone. We take care of our customer’s requirements and guide them to set up their business in Dubai. For any inquiry call on +971 52 544 1248 or drop a mail to

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