Dubai is the world hub for every kind of business. Due to its strategic location, excellent infrastructure, that brings the world to its feet. The hospitality industry has a major role to play that defines innovation and creativity. It represents an infinite investment and business opportunities. This blog will guide you on starting a hotel business in Dubai.

Hotel business in Dubai is divided into various parts:

  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Guesthouses
  • Holiday houses
  • Youth hostels

Hotel regulations in Dubai:

In order to obtain a license for the hotel business in Dubai, there are many rules and regulations formed by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). Some of the regulations include:

  • For the issue of license in Dubai, a bank guarantee is required
  • The minimum size of any hotel room must not be less than 30 square meters
  • Provision of an effective program to securely store guest’s data
  • The packages and prices must be clearly displayed
  • The manager must have “Certificate of good conduct”

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Benefits :

  1. Global events:

Dubai Expo 2020 is one of the biggest events for business opportunities in Dubai. Apart from this, Dubai is also one of the key locations for all meetings, conferences, project presentations around the world.

  1. Skilled staff:

Dubai is a multicultural city and is also a treasure for skilled manpower. The investors will be able to find the right personnel from the right senior managers to service staff with a profile that fits your business model.

  1. Easy setup process:

The process of setting up a business hotel in Dubai is simple and straightforward. Investors can follow rules and regulations without any hassle. The Department of Economic Development(DED) is the primary authority who handles the process.

Procedure to start a hotel business in Dubai:

  1. Appoint a manager:

It is very important to appoint a manager for your hotel business with the necessary qualifications and approved certifications. The manager places an important role in terms of handling the hotel and aid the initial process of license and approval.

  1.  Obtain the initial approval:

The following are to be attached with the application form:

  • Fill the application form from the Department of Economic Development(DED)
  • Passport copies and ID of the applicants
  • Blueprint, location of the hotel property
  • Managers passport copy and edcucational qualification
  • Certificate of Good Conduct approval from DTCM
  • Approval from Dubai general police headquarters

3, Obtain a license:

To obtain a license you need to submit the necessary documents:

  • Fee receipt for initial approval
  • Trade name certificate
  • NOC
  • Consent from Dubai municipality


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To start a hotel business one has to follow the documentation procedure, rules, and regulations of the necessary authorities. Consulting an expert will make the procedure simple. MSZ Consultancy will guide you in every step for setting up your business.

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