Dubai is one of the major business hubs and is rapidly growing globally. It is the most attractive place to set up a business. More and more entrepreneurs across the globe are expanding their business and bringing their ideas into reality in this booming industry. Setting up a school in Dubai provides great infrastructure, strong connectivity, and a competitive business environment. To set up a school in Dubai there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed. Here’s how you can start a school in Dubai.

Procedure for setting up a school in Dubai

  • Complete the school application form
  • Academic plan
  • Site plan
  • Mention the name and address of the proposed school
  • Get the approval from the Knowledge of Human Development and Authority (KHDA)

Why should you start school in the UAE?

Dubai is still considered to be the number one business location in the Middle East. Because of its real estate and banking sector, Dubai has managed to stabilize itself financially and increased its economy. The legal procedures are fast-tracked, there is minimal paperwork, and the registration procedure is simple.  Entrepreneurs from all over the world, are willing to set up their school in Dubai due to a huge inflow of foreign capital, hence making the economy of Dubai even more strong. 


  • Taxation benefits 
  • There is no minimum capital requirement
  • No restrictions on trading locations
  • Dubai is the fastest-growing economy
  • Free zone benefits
  • First-class infrastructure
  • Work along with government bodies
  • There is no restriction in currency limitation
  • Low import duty
  • More options for business activities. 
  • There are no limitations to the number of visas.

Are you willing to start a school in the UAE?

Many entrepreneurs face complexities in setting up a school in Dubai. It involves a tedious procedure and there are certain restrictions to it. But consulting the best service companies can ease your setup and provide you with the necessary services. 

If you are willing to start a school in Dubai, MSZ Consultancy will help you build your dream school. MSZ Consultancy provides LLC company formation and related-setup services in Dubai and across UAE to get your business up and running.

Our team of experts will offer you complete solutions. We also help in providing  trade licenses, company registrations, government approvals, PRO services, and everything that involves in the formation of a company in Dubai


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