Dubai has become a training hub from all across the world. There are two different groups for Training Institute in Dubai; the former focuses on professional development and the latter focuses on institutes for children. Dubai is the fastest-growing population and hence the demand for learning centers is rapidly increasing. This rising necessity provides excellent educational standards in the UAE.

Procedures for setting up Training Institute in Dubai

  • Initial approval from the Department of Economic Development [DED]
  • Engage with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority [KHDA] and submit the application form, nominate the managers, submit the business plan, and pay the necessary fees. 

About the Knowledge and Human Development Authority [KHDA]

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority [KHDA] is a governemnt authority that is authorized to supervise the education sectors in Dubai and ensures the procedural outlook for educational excellence. The goal is to safeguard the educational developmental sector and expand the value of education in the UAE.

Responsibilities of educational institutions

  • Quality Assurance

The educational institutions should operate at the highest quality, laid out by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority [KHDA]

  • Advertising

The educational institution must take prior approval from KHDA before initiating any advertising or marketing for promotional purposes. 

Why should you set up an educational institute in Dubai?

The educational institute license provides 100% foreign ownership, there is a freedom of choosing the right office space for your business anywhere [Mainland/Freezone]. Educational institutions are tax-free with no direct taxation applied.

Setup your Training Institute in Dubai with MSZ Consultancy

The educational institutions in the UAE are one of the most preferred options in Dubai. If you are planning for a business setup in Dubai. Contact MSZ Consultancy. We are one of the leading business consultancies in Dubai. Our team of experts will not only assist you on how to establish business in Dubai. But will also guide you with PRO services, understanding the types of company formation, licensing procedures, and more. Get in touch with us today!

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