HR Consultancy license allows recruitment, staffing, and also other company-related enhancement activities, like

  1. Recruit staff/employees
  2. Lay and/or enhance HR policies according to the organization
  3. Define job descriptions for employees
  4. Promote development, training and also leadership programmes for the employees
  5. Expressly convey rules. regulations, guidelines, policies and also relevant company information (working hours, holidays, leaves and etcetera)
  6. Define and implement company culture, assess job satisfaction and also other life skills among employees
  7. Create and also implement an HR strategy
  8. Reform organization goals

In order to obtain an HR consultancy license,

Qualification – bachelor degree in Business Administration or Economics with a minimum of 3 years’ of experience is essential.

Important Activity Codes

  • Activity Group Consultancy – D – management, Information, and Marketing
  • Activity Code 741406
  • License Type Professional Activity Description

Note – An HR Consultancy license is not permitted to recruit staff/employees on brokerage or temporarily

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