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Indians in the UAE, these are the guidelines to get a GCC or a PCC for your work visa.

Indians who are wanting to apply for a work visa in UAE can obtain a good conduct certificate from a police station and the related-department.

Procedure –

  1. A pre-filled application form is submitted to obtain a copy of PCC
  2. You can obtain details of your passport from UAE authorities through a local police station, followed by,
  3. Submitting a request letter and essential documents,
  4. You will then receive a ‘clearance certificate’ from the Embassy or Consulate General of India (CGI)

Required documents:

  1. Emirates ID,
  2. ID card copy,
  3. Labour card,
  4. Health card,
  5. Driving license.

Work permit will be issued only after approval of a good conduct certificate, which proves your identity at least for the past 5 years.