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What is a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Or Good Conduct Certificate (GCC)? | What are the documents required to obtain a PCC or GCC?| PCC for Filipinos and Pakistanis

In order to ensure the paramount safety of the people of UAE, the government has enforced new laws like obtaining a GCC Or PCC by the citizens of UAE.

After the recent criminal incident in Sharjah, the police investigation exposed that the perpetrator was also convicted in his country of origin and holds a criminal record, this incident has impelled the government to make sure that a person would not be allowed to come inside UAE on a work visa if he/she is already involved in any criminal activity in his/her country of origin or the country in which he/she is staying since last 5 years.

The government has decided to make it compulsory for people from other nationalities to bring good conduct certificate from their home country before applying for a work visa.
Who is exempted from getting GCC?
• Good conduct certificate is not required in case of a tourist visa, visit visa or student visa. it is only required for a work visa.
• This is only required for the worker. There is no such requirement for his/her dependents.
• This certificate is not required while transferring jobs within UAE.

Guidelines to get GCC or PPC for Pakistanis:
• Obtain PPC from SSP office or DIG office of your city. You will have to submit an application with all the required documents in order to obtain a PCC.
• After getting PCC from the ministry of interior, the applicant needs it to be approved by the mission of the state along with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation.

Guidelines to get GCC or PCC for Filipinos:
• The Philippines’ Consulate will provide free of cost application form of NBI clearance (NBI form no. 5)
• Then the applicant will visit his/her nearest police station for fingerprinting. After taking fingerprint, the form will be signed by the police officer
• The worker will visit the Philippines’ consulate to get Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
• The required documents will then be authenticated and NBI clearance will be attested at the UAE Embassy in Manila

Required documents include:
• 2×2 ID photo
• Special power of attorney,
• Filled-out NBI application form
• 4 copies of passport identification page of the applicant