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Dubai is one of the best opportunities in the world for merchants to import, export a large number of products. Due to which the government of Dubai has issued mandatory product registration in Dubai. The regulation applies for all products manufactured in Dubai

What is Product Registration?

Since consumer safety is the basic principle of product registration, its process allows the CPSS (Consumer Products Safety Section) to collect adequate information to assess the safety of the products. It is mandatory that, no product shall be manufactured, imported, exported, advertised, sold or distributed in Dubai unless it has been registered in conformity with Dubai Municipality regulation.

Registration Regulation

The Dubai Government coordinates the manufacture, sale, and importation of cosmetic products. It has to be registered before the launch in the Dubai market. It’s compulsory for individuals executing activities related to cosmetics to be licensed in Dubai.

The Dubai Government coordinates the manufacture, sale, and importation of products. Products have to be registered before the launch in the Dubai market; and it is compulsory for individuals executing activities related to licensing in Dubai.

Validity for Product Registration in Dubai

  • It is valid for 5 years
  • It can be renewed

Who can apply for Product Registration in Dubai?

Individuals who import or locally manufacture products, or have products imported or manufactured on their behalf are liable to have their products registered.

Commonly Registered Products within UAE 

Why is the Cosmetic Product Regsitration important in Dubai?

The primary objective of cosmetic product care procedures is to maintain and sustain public health. And safety through implementing an efficient regulatory control system. As well as to promote public awareness on the importance of the safety procedures of cosmetics implemented.

In general, the cosmetic product launched in the Dubai market, within Dubai commonality must not cause damage to human health when applied under normal or fairly probable conditions of use.

The following is required for registration of cosmetic products

Product registration in Dubai – Local Manufacturers

Local manufacturers in Dubai are advised to contact the Consumer Products Safety Section for proper registration of cosmetic products in Dubai – UAE. Agents of local manufacturers are to take the essential steps to certify that cosmetic products intended for the local market are registered before the manufactured products are placed into the Dubai market.Incorporating your company in RAK ICC, the business owner gets the control of the company. There is no need to find a local partner and its 100% foreign ownership. There are also no restrictions on the number of shareholders and are permitted to have corporate directors

Product Registration in Dubai – Foreign Manufacturers

The importer who is responsible for all matters about the registration of the product can register at Dubai Municipality. A representative of foreign manufacturers is to take the required steps to ensure that cosmetic products intended for the local market are registered before the consignments of such products are imported to Dubai. In the event of any abuse in this regard, the consignment of the unregistered product would be cleared only with a single warning.

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Product Registration in Dubai with MSZ Consultancy!

There are many steps and a list of documents that have to be produced from the country of origin and documents must be attested from the UAE embassy.

MSZ Consultancy has many product registration projects with happy clients. The process varies product to product. Every time we experience something new which is challenging, nevertheless, we are acquiring knowledge to assist more clients. The cost of registration is not huge. However, the process can be robust. Therefore, we assist our clients through the registration of the products in Dubai.

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