If a client wants to provide a professional service in the UAE, (and not necessarily supply a product), then it is possible to apply for what is known as a “Professional License”. This involves an application to the Dubai Economic Department, and the issuance of a license in the name of an individual who must hold a relevant professional qualification (originals of which must be notarized and presented to the local authorities). A UAE national must still be appointed as a “Service Agent” whose role is to facilitate visa applications and other administrative issues. The Service Agent is not a shareholder in the company (which differs from their role in an “LLC”), and the shareholding of the entity can be 100% foreign. Normally the local Service Agent will be paid an agreed lump sum which is subject to negotiation but will be a minimum of US$ 7,500 per annum and may be considerably larger depending on the “standing” of the local involved. Again, further detailed information can be provided upon request.

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