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The number of businesses in Dubai is increasing every year, which also increases the demand for starting a recruitment agency in Dubai. The government support by permitting the License for a Private Employment Agencies Law in 2011 known as MR 1283, issued by the Ministry of Labor, and that allowed foreign outsourcing companies to launch in Dubai.

The main role of the recruitment license holder in Dubai is to help new ex-pats to place them in a suitable position. If you have a Recruitment license then it is allowed to place employees in permanent job positions within the companies and have the same role as the employment business program in Dubai, specifically to employ workers and help them to get a work permit and outsource them for a temporary position within the company.

 Recruitment license in Dubai:

If you want to open a recruitment agency in Dubai then you need to apply for a recruitment license in Dubai, which is a professional license. It enables your company to perform an agent activity between employer and employee.

You can store information on the employee and employer and match them; whenever an employer needs to hire an employee for this recruitment agency in Dubai.

Note: Recruitment license Dubai must be renewed yearly. The recruitment license is that only UAE citizens can apply for it, and its manager must be a UAE citizen. Foreigner is only allowed to start recruitment agencies in Dubai free zones. The UAE law states that agencies must inform the Ministry about any variations made within the agency. The candidate must have a clean criminal record to get the recruitment license in Dubai

Types of Recruitment license in Dubai:

  • Brokerage agency
  • Temporary recruitment agency

Brokerage agency:

Brokerage agency is work like a PRO to exchange contractual and employment situations on their behalf; whether this leads to a work-related or otherwise.

The main activity of the brokerage agency:

  • To collect and keep the data about workers
  • Keeping the record of the job that is available with the employer
  • It will store the worker applications and any other information to provide it to the employer when it is required.

Temporary recruitment agency:

A temporary recruitment agency works as an employer and recruits labor for a third party. To perform a job or service under control and the supervision of the third party, the third party may be a natural person or corporate person. The agency becomes an Employer with a direct business link with the concerned labor. The agency is allowed to hire labor from outside of the country as well as from inside of the country.

Required Documents for both Brokerage agency and Temporary recruitment agency:

  • Passport copies of each shareholder.
  • Copy of the ID card of each owner.
  • The family book copy of each of the shareholders.
  • Trade name booking copy is required for the new trade license
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Drawing of set up location
  • Written statements of the shareholders

So what are you waiting for? Get your recruitment license and start your business in Dubai. Our consultants are prepared with the best business ideas that will help you to follow your dreams as well as to attain your goals towards success. Get in touch with our business setup consultants by calling on +971589827842 or drop a mail to info@mszconsultancy.com

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