Restaurant license in Dubai


The restaurants have an additional importance in Dubai because of many tourists are visit Dubai every year and also enjoy their food during their trip from these restaurants. Many employees are living independently in Dubai and also they are using these restaurants for their daily meals. If you want to start a restaurant in Dubai then you need a  restaurant license is in Dubai.

Legal forms to consider while opening a restaurant in Dubai


Legal forms to consider while opening a restaurant in Dubai is following below.

  • Sole Establishment in Dubai
  • Limited Liability Company in Dubai
  • Civil Company in Dubai
  • Free Zone company in Dubai
  • Branch in Dubai

What are the types of Restaurant License available in Dubai?


There are four types of license allow for opening a restaurant business in Dubai.

  1. Restaurant and Coffee Shops License
  2. Floating Restaurant License
  3. Mini Store and Restaurant License
  4. Multi Restaurants Center

Restaurant and Coffee Shops License

Activity Code 552001
Activity Group Restaurants and coffee shops
License Type Professional
Activity Description It allows the restaurants equipped with the suitable installations to prepare and serve food as well as snacks inside; and also several beverages (liquid refreshments) for immediate consumption by the public.

Floating Restaurant License

Activity Code 552012
Activity Group Tourism Activities
License Type Commercial License
Activity Description It has included ships, boats or yachts suitably equipped for dining on board; as well as serving the food and beverages while the ship is anchoring or on entertainment trip.

Mini Store and Restaurant License

Activity Code 552014
Activity Group Restaurants and coffee shops
License Type Commercial
Activity Description It allows restaurants furnish with the suitable installations to prepare and serve food and also snacks inside in the restaurant. It allowed to sell some consumer goods such as fresh preserved and canned food stuff, beverages, dairy and bakery products as well as newspapers and magazines. But the selling of such goods should not control the role of the restaurant.

Multi Restaurants Center

Activity Description This type of a license includes a common area consist of several shops; design, furnish, lease as a food vendors and also coffee shops. Customers can take the food inside such vendors; or in surrounding a share common seating area.
Activity Code 701019
Activity Group Real estate
License Type Professional

Food Code

If you want to open a restaurant in Dubai then you have to follow the Food Code. It is the initiative of the Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality (DM) to guarantee safe production as well as distribution of food; and with try to guide food security criteria in the food industry.

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