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SHAMS Free Zone Company Setup

  • 100% ownership.
  • 100% Tax-free.
  • Low import tariff.
  • Other startup & SME benefits.
  • Transparent & Cost effective solution.

Setup your business in Sharjah’s  leading Free Zone today!


SHAMS Free Zone is also known as Sharjah Media City free zone. It is the newest free zone in the UAE. However, we have noticed that it’s is gaining more popularity with the investors. SHAMS free zone is the nearest to Dubai, it is located in Sharjah. Even though its called the media free zone it does not necessarily mean that they only offer media activities. Sharjah has a very broad list of activities which includes trading, professional services as well as some other holding activities. 

It is the only free zone in the UAE which has based its activity list on the United Nations Standards ISAC full, which is recognized all over the world. Company registrations in Sharjah free zone can be done remotely. 

How to set up a business in Sharjah?

Deciding on the right free zone

Preparing a business plan

Choosing the company name

Completing the licensing process and business registrations

The details required for SHAMS company registration are

  • Passport & visa copy of shareholder
  • Personal Profile of Shareholder
  • Personal details – email address, a contact number will be required.
  • Address proof of the country of origin
  • Brief description of proposed activity

Visas in SHAMS free zone

When you apply for the visa in SHAMS free zone whether they are for the employees or the investors everyone will be required to take insurance immediately or you can take an undertaking later (which means you will be able to take the medical insurance in 10 months time).

SHAMS free zone offers the following type of licenses

Service License

Trading License

Industrial License

Why should you set up your business in Sharjah?

Sharjah company setup attracts investment opportunities. The company setup cost is reasonably effective when compared to other free zones. They have a highly developed infrastructure and have very fewer auditing requirements.

Benefits of Sharjah free zone

  • It allows even people who are 19 years old to register a company in the free zone. 
  • It has one of the most flexible visas allocation systems. You can get up to 6 six visas with a Flexi desk, which is a desk in the sharing office space without a need to rent physical office space.
  • In Sharjah free zone the company is renewed on an annual basis and the company renewal can also be done remotely.
  • There are no requirements like audits, which makes it very easy for the shareholders to maintain the company.
  • All their documents are electronic, which means you don’t have to worry about losing your documents. 

In Conclusion

SHAMS free zone is one of the best options for startups or for the people who have just moved to UAE, who would wish to establish their business and who would acquire more visas for their employees or for their shareholders. In Shrajah you will find an option of getting a total of 6 visas with a very minimum cost than you would find in any other free zone.

There are more than 50 free zones in the UAE, each free zone has its own rules and regulations. Which free zone best fits your business needs and is the right option? Well, MSZ Consultancy will guide you in choosing the right free zone setup in UAE considering many factors such as your company location, company setup, and operation. Get in touch with our team of experts now, to set up your free zone business.

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