Shams Freezone Busines Setup

Why should you setup a Free Zone in UAE and its reasons:

  • It provides 100% foreign ownership
  • It provides 100% repatriation of capital and profit.
  • 0% Import and export duties
  • 0% corporate tax
  • 0% dividend tax
  • Plentiful and inexpensive energy
  • Skilled labor force and smooth recruitment procedures
  • very competitive labor costs.
  • Excellent Administrative services
  • Customer inspection is on-site
  • A Free Zone registered company can operate 24 hours a day

WHY SHAMS Free Zone Company?

Shams free zone is a newly established free zone offering great packages for setting up companies. Most importantly their cost effectiveness and time efficiency makes shams free zone a smart choice.

  • Shams free zone does not require physical presence in UAE to register a new company
  • It provides 100% foreign ownership
  • Company setup packages are starting from AED 11,500
  • Import/re-export duties (0%)
  • Personal income tax (0%)
  • It does not require a NOC to incorporate your company
  • 100% free transfer of funds
  • In shams free zone all the process are digital and very cost effective
  • There are no restrictions on capital repatriation
  • All the documents will be issued in 2 days
  • There will be no paid up capital share capital or annual audit
  • There are no restrictions on hiring foreign employees

Shams Free zone Company Formation Types

Sharjah signifies  a fast pace environment for company formation in Shams Free Zone, Sharjah Media City is offering the foreign investors a number benefits which includes import and export taxes, Zero corporate plan and furthermore. Shams free zone company formation can be divided in following mentioned two parts.

Shams LLC Company Formation

Shams Limited Liability company LLC is a sovereign company whereas  the LLC company structure separates the owners and the shareholders from the company. Shams LLC is one of the great platform to start your business.

Advantages of shams LLC

  • Independent operating company
  • Hiring of employee(s)
  • Opening a Corporate Bank account

Shams Branch company setup

A Shams branch is a company and part of an existing parent company anywhere in the globe or within the UAE. Branch Company can be incorporated in Shams Free zone by providing all document of parent company.

Advantages of shams LLC

  • Hiring of employee(s)
  • Opening a Corporate Bank account


Shams free zone offers the following type of licenses.

  • Service License
  • Trading License
  • Industrial License

Service License

This license in Sharjah Media City gives acknowledgment for production & re-production, distribution of services and transformation, also for those who are just providing service to other businesses or individuals like restaurants, media productions, etc.

Trading License

This license gives you the permission of selling goods within Shams Free zone or importing and exporting of goods outside the free zone. It also includes all physical goods.

Industrial License

This license is for manufacturing of goods, We are registered & approved consultant of Shams Free zone and we can advise you the best solution to start your business in shams free zone.

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