Start a business for Selling Food, Beverages & Tobacco in Dubai


The food, beverages & tobacco are part of the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), a powerful industry in the UAE, particularly in Dubai.

How to obtain licenses for food, beverages & tobacco shops in Dubai?


The registration process for selling food, beverages & tobacco is simple and it starts with choosing the type of structure which usually is the LLC; and its registration starts with the Department of Economic Development (DED) or Trade Register in Dubai. If you choose the Dubai free zones for selling food, beverages & tobacco shops then it must be registered with the authority of the respective free zone.

If you want to start a business for selling food, beverages & tobacco then you have to comply with the applicable laws regarding the special licenses and also the permits.

Example: A special license known as the Liquor License is mandatory for selling alcoholic beverages; and its issued under the rules imposed by the Liquor Control Law in Dubai by the Chamber of Commerce. The rules of the Federal Law no (15) of 2009 concerning Tobacco Control Law in Dubai; for selling tobacco in Dubai.

You have to apply for the necessary licenses and permits with the relevant authorities, before you enter the market. The Food Control Department and the Dubai municipality issue a series of licenses and permits for your shop.


If the shop will sell imported food and beverages then import licenses must be obtained from the Customs Authorities.

Note: The business owner must pay attention to the sale of tobacco, as special advertising procedures apply in this case.  Also the sale of tobacco products to minors in Dubai; is strictly prohibited.

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