Business setup in Dubai is an excellent idea due to its world-class infrastructure, incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs, and a high standard of living. The UAE is one of the most vibrant cities and it has mastered the art of starting a business in the UAE offering a wide range of options which includes job opportunities and choice of company formation. With its rich marketplace and choice of free trade zones, Dubai holds a strategic location for conducting business and attracts startups and entrepreneurs.

An employee starting a business in the UAE? 

A full-time employee can also start a business in UAE if he is willing to expand its business idea and grow the business. However, certain important factors need to be considered before the employee starts a business.

The first thing is to obtain a NOC [No Objection Certificate] from the company that they are working with to avoid any conflicts in the future. If the employee chooses free trade zones then there is no requirement of obtaining the NOC. The free zones are:

How to obtain the No Objection Certificate [NOC]?

Documents required

  • Passport copies of the partners
  • Copy of company’s name reservation
  • Copy of the Memorandum of Association [MOA] and Articles of Association [AOA]

Once the NOC is obtained from the authority, the employee can now start a business in any part in the UAE

Here’s why you should start a business in Dubai

  • Security

Dubai is the safest city with minimal crime rate, there is no fear of terror and the country has been known as the safest place for the people.

  • Logistics and Infrastructure

Dubai is one of the international players for trading and transport logistics. Due to its prime location being situated in the middle of the far east and Europe, it is considered to be the gateways of the world’s most progressive market.

  • Resources

You will never find scarcity of resources in Dubai. With its top-quality human resources and incredible infrastructure and technology facility, it is one of the best places for business setup in Dubai.

  • Tax-free economy

Dubai is a tax-free business environment with zero corporate and income tax on businesses. The government is also liberal to business policies and has great opportunities for entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Starting a business in the UAE? Contact MSZ Consultancy!

Business setup in Dubai can be started easily if obtained advice from the right consultancy. MSZ Consultancy is one of the leading business consultancy in Dubai. Our team of experts will not only assist you on how to establish a business in Dubai but will also guide you with the legal procedures, PRO services, and more. Get in touch with us today!

Find out how much it cost you to setup your Dream Business

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