Why Choose Dubai for Your Retirement

As you reach retirement age, you have a choice where you want to spend your golden years. There are many options available to you. One such destination that is quickly gaining popularity is the city of Dubai. This metropolis along the Arabian Peninsula is a global tourist destination. Home to pristine beaches, an incredible retail sector, and gorgeous attractions, this city is a fantastic location to plan a vacation. It’s also a great place to spend retirement.

Recently, Dubai’s government introduced an initiative dubbed “Retire in Dubai,” a plan to give expatriates the ability to apply for a retirement visa. A retirement visa allows individuals aged 55 and older a renewable five-year visa.


The Criteria for the UAE Retirement Visa

There are several criteria for ex-pats hoping to apply for these Dubai visa types. These criteria include:

• Retirees must be at least 55 years old

• Recommended to have healthcare coverage in the UAE

• Receive a monthly income of at least 20,000 UAE or roughly 5,500 USD

• Have a minimum of 272,249 USD in savings held in a UAE bank. You will need a letter from your bank detailing this  

• Own property worth at least 2 million AED in the UAE


How to Apply for the Five-Year Retirement Visa in Dubai

So, you’ve decided to spend your retirement kicking back and lounging on the beaches of Dubai. You’re also probably wondering, “how to apply for a Dubai retirement visa?” We can help! Let’s take a quick look at the process of applying:

  1. Fill out and submit your visa application via Dubai’s “Retire in Dubai” website.

2. After submitting, you’ll receive a confirmation email with more information about the procedure.

This retirement visa is valid for five years and is renewable. Additionally, visa holders are still eligible to work during their tenure in Dubai.


Steps Taken to Ensure the Success of the Retire in Dubai Initiative

Dubai has a storied history using intuitive and progressive tactics to improve the UAE economy and its tourism industry. The Retire in Dubai campaign is a massive part of that, bringing expatriates to the region to enjoy retirement. These ex-pats will purchase property, shop at stores, and visit tourist attractions, generating immense revenue. To ensure that this program is successful, the UAE authorities are introducing several steps to make retirement in the region more enticing. These include:

• Competitive Healthcare Prices

Dubai has placed enormous consideration into developing the quality of its healthcare system. Statistics show that the sector will benefit greatly from the Retire in Dubai initiative. Taking advantage of that, Dubai intends to offer competitive insurance policies for ex-pats staying in the region under the 5-year retirement visa.

• A Fit Society

Dubai retirees will have access to a healthy outdoor lifestyle, with a wide array of options available to them. Hiking, biking, and jogging are just a few of the choices for ex-pats to enjoy. Additionally, the city is part of an ongoing citywide fitness movement called the Dubai Fitness Challenge, giving residents a collective sense of camaraderie.

• Diverse Culture

The city of Dubai is home to a diverse, multi-cultural population. Citizens here hail from all walks of life and enjoy a fantastic mixture of cuisine, design, and culture.

• Unique Lifestyles

Dubai has made considerable efforts to improve the everyday lives of its citizens. A part of this can be seen in their incredibly well-thought-out infrastructure, ensuring that residents can live a comfortable, luxurious lifestyle.

• Affordable Dubai Retirement Visa Costs

The UAE wants potential visitors to enjoy their stay, not worry about fees and red tape. That’s why the UAE intends to make their Dubai visa cost one that’s affordable. For under AED 1000, or $272, you can apply for your retirement visa.


Factors that Make Dubai an Excellent Retirement Destination

There are many advantages to retiring in the UAE. From incredible vistas and globally-renowned attractions to a safe, comfortable atmosphere, Dubai is a place like none other. So let’s look at just a few reasons the City of Gold should be on your bucket list.

1. A World-Class Healthcare System

Dubai is home to a robust healthcare system that stands shoulder to shoulder with the highest international medical standards. Thanks to this, the region is one of the safest places in the world to reside. Modern healthcare practices and competitive pricing make this region an excellent choice for retirement.

2. Convenience

The UAE works to provide a convenient, hassle-free experience for its residents. To ensure this, the city offers a wide range of amenities such as home-based services and delivery options for food and supplies.

3. Legacy Management

For retirees, taking care of affairs is a vital aspect of retirement. The DIFC Wills Service Centre is designed to improve the drafting of wills, registrations, and probate services. These services are competitive in pricing and offer retirees safety and security to enjoy their time in the UAE.

Additionally, many retirees choose to use third-party business consultants to help them navigate essential investments, business activities, and retirement plans. Consultants like those at MSZ Consultancy are skilled at assisting investors in making the most of their assets.


Planning Your Retirement? MSZ Consultancy Can Help!

Dubai is an incredible retirement destination packed to the brim with excellent food, people, and jaw-dropping events. The region is quickly becoming one of the biggest destinations globally for vacations, business, and even retirement.

If you’ve considered traveling to the UAE for your retirement years, it’s crucial to have experts ensure that your savings, investments, and business plans are taken care of. That’s where MSZ Consultancy comes in! We are your one-stop shop for all things UAE business. From securing the Dubai Retirement Visa to handling your visa renewal cost, our consultant specialists are here to make your retirement easier. Give us a call today at +971 52 544 1248 and let us help you apply for your 5-year retirement visa. Let our consultants help you get back to what matters most: enjoying your retirement!

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