Trademark Registration

Following are the Essential Documents for Trademark Registration

  1. An application for registration of the trademark
  2. 14 prints of the trademark, the sizes being: (5 x 6) cm or (6 x 7) cm, on a self-adhesive paper
  3. An Official Arabic translation if the trademark is a word mark which is in a ‘foreign language’
  4. Copy of the license (Trade – Professional – Services) and also a copy of the passport of the owner (of the sole proprietorship corporation)
  5. A CD with the logo of size 4 x 4 cm and 315 x 315 Pixels “JPG” with the form

Following are the Extra documents applicable for foreign investors:

  1. Copy of the Power of Attorney (English and Arabic) issued; to the trademark agent, legalized up to UAE Ministry of foreign affairs.
  2. Copy of the license of the Trademark Agent
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