Dubai is one of the major hotspots central for tourism all over the world. Individuals from different countries travel to Dubai. The main reason for the increase in the tourism industry in Dubai is because of hospitality, entertainment facilities, beautiful beaches and many more. Hence every entrepreneur and businessmen want to set up a travel agency in Dubai. Due to the tax-free lifestyle in Dubai, starting a travel agency in the UAE is one of the wisest decisions. 

Overview of the Travel Agency in Dubai

  1. Location:

Choosing the right location for your business is easy if you are thorough with the benefits of every site in the UAE. Investors should set up a travel company in Dubai.

2. Budget:

To start a travel company in Dubai, an entrepreneur has to obtain a license, for which he has to deposit a certain amount with the Department of Economic Development (DED)

3. Culture:

The laws, rules, and regulations are extremely different from other countries. Hence the entrepreneurs should understand the local market with respect to business etiquettes. 

4. Tourism license:

For setting up a travel company in Dubai, every entrepreneur has to obtain a tourism license. There are three major types of company license available for a travel agency:

  • Travel agency activity license
  • Inbound travel agency operator activity license
  • Outbound travel agency license

Documents required:

  • Pay the initial fee
  • Approval of trade name
  • Supply of insurance policy
  • Submission of the lease contract

Know your market:

Dubai is a luxury travel market. It is required for business investors to go for quality traffic in relation to the customers that are willing to pay more. The travel company is a booming opportunity in Dubai. The registration and choosing the right market can be tricky. Hence it is advisable to seek advice from the reputable business consultancy which will help you with the legal formality. 

MSZ Consultancy will help business investors and entrepreneurs in setting up a travel business in Dubai. Our team of experts will guide you thought all the procedures. Get in touch with us today!

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