Dubai is home to local and international brands for growing startups as well as small and medium businesses. Many entrepreneurs prefer business setup in Dubai because of the tax-free environment and a wide range of customers to sell their products or services. There are different types of trade licenses in Dubai. The entrepreneur has to know which license is suitable for its business. Companies in Dubai can apply for any of the below licenses. 

Types of trade licenses in Dubai

• Professional License

If you are a professional who has expertise in the specific field, then you can start a business in Dubai by availing the professional license. This trade license can be obtained from the Department of Economic Development [DED]. Companies making profits out of the services they offer, such as consultancies, management services, educational services, medical services, can opt for a professional license. In a professional trade license, there is 100% ownership but requires a local agent to complete the process.

• Commercial License

Companies involved in commercial and trading activities opt for a commercial license in Dubai. This license provides incredible business opportunities in Dubai. General trading, imports-exports, buying and selling of goods, rental services, logistics, are preferred business for commercial license.

• Industrial License

Businesses engaging in the production and manufacturing of new products as industrial activity. An industrial license is obtained from the Department of Economic Development [DED]. Activities such as cement manufacturing, bread manufacturing, textile manufacturing, and more are industrial activities. It is important to have a physical office to obtain an industrial license in Dubai.

• Tourism License

Businesses that are involved in providing tourist services requires a tourism license from the Department of Economic Development [DED]. These service providers include travel agencies, vacation homes rental, marine tours, and more. Travel tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in Dubai. Hence entrepreneurs can prefer starting a business in this industry. 

Choose the right type of trade license in Dubai with the assistance of MSZ Consultancy

Business setup in Dubai is easy if consulted with the right consultancy. MSZ Consultancy is one of the leading business consultancies in Dubai. Our team of experts will not only assist you in choosing the right types of trade licenses in Dubai but will also help you in starting the business and understanding the company formation in Dubai.

With our experienced team of professionals, we will guide you on how to establish business in Dubai and with other necessities required for setting up a business in Dubai. Get in touch with us today! 

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