IFZA One of the Leading Free Zones in the UAE

IFZA, or The International Free Zone Authority, remains one of the most cost-effective solutions for business setup in the UAE. Their focus on hosting a wide variety of business activities under a single license while cutting out income and corporate taxes make this free zone stand out among the rest found in the Emirates.

The IFZA free zone offers regular promotions and incentives aimed at driving new business to the market.

IFZA: A Free Zone with Untapped Potential

So why pick International Free Zone Authority? Each of the over 20 free zones throughout the UAE offers something different for various businesses, but IFZA specializes in being the most inexpensive option with the quickest methods of company formation in all the Emirates. Some of the advantages are:

1. The Cheapest and the Quickest

License Trade fees are inexpensive, and all setup procedures are conducted online for a fast and straightforward process.

2. Company Setup in Just One Day

Most businesses can apply for and receive their business license in one day!

3. 100% Exemption from Corporate and Income Taxes

This is an excellent method of ensuring your business keeps all the profits of your enterprise.

4. Physical Presence of Shareholder is Not Required

Your shareholders don’t have to be present to form your business!

5. 100% Foreign Ownership

Your business can be owned by entities outside the UAE.

6. Expansive Business Activities

The range of possible activities in IFZA is expansive. From the industrial sector that handles manufacturing and production to the service industry. There’s something for businesses of every type!

7. No Physical Office Required

You don’t have to be physically present to conduct business in IFZA!

8. No Share Capital Requirement

Businesses are not required to submit to this banking regulation like other free zones.

9. No Annual Audit Report Required

You are not required to submit an annual audit report to governing authorities.

10. Ability to Incorporate Holding Companies

You are free to incorporate a holding company with very few regulations surrounding it.

11. 3 Year UAE Residency

IFZA offers three-year residency visas for both company owners and their employees.

12. Easy Banking

In IFZA, banking services are streamlined, giving you the freedom to operate without a ton of red tape.

13. Very Little Documentation Required

You’ll only need proof of address, a copy of your Visa or passport, a reference letter, and a business plan to start your company!

14. No Guarantee Deposit Required for Employee Visa

You’re not required to place a deposit for each of your employee’s visa applications.

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Office Solutions Provided in IFZA Free Zone

IFZA offers a wide variety of solutions when it comes to your office space needs. These can range from actual physical offices to online workspaces. The Silicone Business Park offers some of the newest facilities in the area:

1. Flexi-Desks

This option allows you to use a particular office area that is continuously shared with other businesses.

2. Offices

A more dedicated solution for your business needs, this option gives you access to a full office space. This package offers:

  • WiFi
  • Electricity
  • Furniture
  • Air Conditioning
  • Access to printers, copiers, and scanners
  • Usage of meeting rooms

IFZA Free Zone Business Activities and Licenses

As mentioned previously, there are several options for businesses seeking to establish themselves in the IFZA free zone. Depending on what type of business you hope to conduct, there will be an option for you!

1. Consultancy License

This license allows for the operation of advisors, bankers, and business professionals seeking to provide advice to other entities.

2. Service License

Service Licenses cover any businesses that operate as a service, such as retail, restaurants, and distribution.

3. Trading License

For those that operate in the trade of a specific item.

4. General Trading License

A broader license that governs those trading a wide range of items.

5. Industrial License

This license is offered for businesses that specialize in importing raw materials, manufacturing and production, and exporting goods.

6. Holding License

This option is given to companies that operate as holding companies.


The Cost of Obtaining a Business License in IFZA

Obtaining a business license in IFZA is one of the most cost-effective solutions for company formation in the UAE. Most popular business packages start with a 3-year license at a 30% discount. Here are some options below for business licensing:

Package Visa Quota Standard Fee Discount
Option 1: 1 AED 53,700 AED 37,600
Option 2: 2 AED 65,700 AED 46,000
Option 3: 3 AED 71,700 AED 50,200
Option 4: 4 AED 77,700 AED 54,400
Option 5: 5 AED 83,700 AED 58,600
Option 6: 6 AED 89,700 AED 62,800

Company Formation in IFZA is a Simple, Straightforward Process

Forming a company in the UAE has never been easier! As with any application process, you’ll need to have the proper documents handy when the time comes to apply!

  • Copy of Passport or Visa
  • Proof of Address
  • Professional Reference Letter
  • No Objection Certificate (if required)
  • Curriculum Vitae

Once you have the documents prepared, it’s a simple process to submit your information and receive your licensing permits.


Looking For Business Setup
Services in Dubai, UAE?
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UAE Success Stories

Across the Emirates, businesses are making their mark on the world economy. And with great incentives, IFZA is quickly growing into one of the most popular free zones in the UAE. Here are a few success stories from some of IFZA’s businesses:

Noshaad Khiljee, Partner & Director of Sales and Marketing, Squadlead Management:

“Squadlead Management Consultant has offices in London and Doha. Due to high demand for our immigration services in the UAE, we planned to open our immigration consultancy company in Dubai and thought that it would be really very difficult to form a company during the current situation.

 After discussing with my partners who are in different countries, we decided to go ahead with IFZA. Every process was done online within five working days. It was just an amazing experience. We received expert support, quick business incorporation processes, and a cost-effective business license package that allowed us to set up business from Dubai quickly. Moving forward, we foresee success in the near future.”

Taha Tercan, Founder of Red Spades Creative Agency & Red Spades FZCO

“IFZA simply made our life easier with their pain-free licensing process. The team was extremely helpful and the whole process took less than a week. I am happy how fast, efficient and friendly they are.”

Start Your Company in the IFZA Free Zone!

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